FYI: People Using Blogger

Are you getting "spammed to death?"

Lately I've been getting an increased amount of spam comments from "anonymous" users, most of them in foreign languages. None are from legitimate users. I switched my settings to "Registered Users" and all of the anonymous comments have stopped! Hooray!

If you're having the same problem on "blogger," I'd suggest changing those settings. The good news..."Registered Users" includes anyone with any kind of verified ID such a Yahoo account or several other common sources, so you shouldn't lose any valid comments. At least I don't think so.

Hopefully these spammers won't find another way to get through. How annoying!


You are turning into one of the best techie friends to have Lynne! I too have been getting these comment spams but it does give me great pleasure to hit the reject button. XO
Thanks Sande :) I looked it up in the help section of blogger! Mine went from a few a day to almost a hundred a day, so I was going crazy!!
thanks so much! very, very helpful tip.
lisa golightly said…
Wow I am so grateful that you have mentioned this ! I have been getting a few more now than I ever did before. They seemed kind of weird, so they always got deleted. Muchas Gracias !!!
Thanks for the tip!
I have gotten several of these comments but mine automatically publish,so they are quite ugly in the midst of all of the other comments.

I have also been receiving requests from random companies (diamond whole sellers, hotels, apartment rentals) to advertise or offer links from my blog to their site, yet many of them are so irrelevant to my blog. I keep wondering if they just send out mass emails to bloggers???

I have been wanting to post about these strange occurances but just haven't had the time. Thanks for taking the time to share this helpful information.


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