Boardwalk Empire

Has anyone been watching the HBO series Boardwalk Empire? I'm loving it! This is well worth watching if you are in the US and get HBO. Directed by the brilliant Martin Scorsese with Steve Buscemi as the main character, I think it's going to be a big hit like Madmen, but with a 1920's vibe.

Set in Atlantic City, New Jersey during the prohibition era, the sets and costumes are outstanding!

Tonight is the 3rd episode, so be sure and tune in and ENJOY! Click here the episode guide for times in your area.


I love HBO so I will certainly tune in tonight. Thanks for the reminder Lynn. XO
miss b said…
Thanks for the heads up about a good new period drama HBO series. And it's got Steve Buscemi in it! Double bonus!
vicki archer said…
Sounds great something i would really like. I hope we get it here, xv.
The French Maid said…
How did I miss that? Love this era! Come check out my "flapper find" on my blog if you get a chance!
What fun photos!
--Lee Ann
Cathi said…
I have been watching and it is fabulous!! xxoo :)
Lissette said…
I'm really loving this show too! I always point out to my boyfriend how "clean" and Disney-ish the boardwalk looks and he's like, "Well, those things were ONCE brand new!" I always tend to think of them as old and decaying so it's interesting to see a boardwalk with a fresh coat of paint. :)
Unknown said…
Hi Lynn,
I am HUGE fan of this show. It is sooo good! I could watch it with the sound turned off and still love it, I get lost in the flapper glam of it all!

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