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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month I thought I'd post some of my favorite "pink" images.

Most of us have unfortunately experienced or known someone who has battled breast cancer. Let's make October 2010 the month to do our part in the fight against it. Encourage a friend or loved one to get her mammogram. Early detection is key.

Please take it upon yourself to get educated and proactive in this fight over this horrible disease. For more information on how you can help, check out these websites: Susan G. Komen , the American Cancer Society, and the National Cancer Institute.

Go Pink!


FrenchBlue said…
This pink is the B.E.S.T! I could live in this post... even though I am so about frenchyblues!!!
Anonymous said…
Those photos are beyond amazing. I love the ones with the lanterns in the trees.
Sara Kate
The French Maid said…
Thanks for reminding all of us about breast cancer awareness! Won't the day be wonderful when we have a cure, and we can all love pink-blogland for just being a pretty place in which to get lost for its own special beauty? Dreamy!
--Lee Ann
PS--ahhh, that carousel!
Love the books!
Cathi said…
Gorgeous photos - love them all and the inspiration behind it! Have a beautiful day! xxoo :)
Lissette said…
Gorgeous photos and love the idea behind this post-- bravo! :)
Alice said…
thanks so much for including my photo (the pink blouse) in your lovely collection here :)
Brooke Michie said…
Such a beautiful collection of PINK!
camille said…
Adore these divine images of pink. So inspiring and glamorous :) Paris in Pink

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