If John Lennon hadn't been tragically murdered 30 years ago, this brilliant man would have turned 70 years old today.

I remember that 1980 day like it was yesterday. I was visiting a friend at the hotel he worked at when the news spread. I could hardly drive home and sobbed through the night listening to the radio playing back-to-back Beatles songs. Every station. Then the next day the same thing. It was as if the world had fallen apart.

What musical masterpieces would John have created these past 30 years? What would he think of today's world? Imagine.

Thousands of people around the world are celebrating his life today. I think I'll turn on some Beatles music and imagine...

Happy Birthday John.

Gone too soon.


Sarsaparilla said…
Oh, I remember that day so well too. I happened to be home from college, and my Dad told me the news. I was stunned. And almost as surprised to see that my Dad seemed visibly shaken by it too. My old fuddy duddy dad.

Yes, definitely gone too soon. Thanks for the post and the beautiful music.
- Susan
The French Maid said…
Reading this brought back the horrible sting of that day for me, too. Where are the wonderful lyrics today? I know they are out there, just more difficult to find. Thanks for letting us remember him today!
--Lee Ann
ceecee said…
I know, Lynn. And now your post has me with tears welling up. Thanks for your post, too.
meg said…
Hi I just found you courtesy of frenchkissed postcards. Glad to be here. I miss John as if I had known him.

Oh, he was such a part of my teenage years....The Beatles were plastered over my bedroom walls AND I went to see them twice. I adored them. It was such a terrible tradegy and there was so much more to have come from him, had he still been alive.

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