Orange is generally not one of my favorite colors, but with the arrival of autumn, Halloween around the corner, and my home team, the S.F. Giants (their colors are orange & black), I can't get enough of it. How about you?

Here are some inspiring orange images from some talented photographers...

pumpkin power.

la ventana, mexico.

maple tree.


grand entrance.

peachy peacoat.


and stacks.

fan frenzy.

off the hook.

find the missing pumpkin.


Orange you glad we have orange?

Image credits: 1. from Isaac Mizrahi's stylebook 2. sugarbearsteve 3. Sangroncito 4. Just Peachy 5. Mateusz Wojton 6. C. Andrako via A Thousand Clapping Hands 7. fingersnatches - etsy 8. moline 9. pdxbeth 10. Art Siegel 11. Mia Takahara 12. Ziggy 13. Beth Retro


great post, gorgeous photos!
Julie Leah said…
Oh my word, these images are gorgeous!! I love the first one, and the all the pumpkins!!

Just gorgeous and so 'fall!'

stylebyrachael said…
Orange is actually my least favorite color. I actually don't like it, but this post is so beautiful, it is making me rethink the color...
La Dolfina said…
Oh Lynn, I was just getting ready to do a post on the color orange in honor of our Giants too!
Isn't it all so exciting? I just love this young team and it's been such a great ride so far! How's the orange wig holding up?
We're headed down to UCLA on Friday for Parents Weekend and have to squeeze the games in while we're there. Hope there's a lot of Giants fans in Dodger Country!!!
GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown said…
that first picture is a favorite of mine! this post just proves how beautiful orange can be!
xoxo alison
The French Maid said…
I did a post on orange at the beginning of fall and had so much fun falling in love with that color all over again! That detail on Isaac's photo is so darn pretty, isn't it? You find the BEST images!
--Lee Ann
Nita Stacy said…
I love all your orange photos. Orange is not one of my favorite colors but in October I'm all about it. Go Giants!
Sarsaparilla said…
Thank you - this is just the perk-up I needed today! I look awful in orange, but I love it everywhere else.

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