Think Pink Giveaway!

In the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I'm thrilled to announce this fabulous giveaway!

Talented photographer and artist Myan of sixthandmain resides in Los Angeles, a city she is smitten with.

Myan's surroundings and favorite artists inspire her to create little boxes full of light, colors, and imagination. Her etsy sites sixthandmain and zuppaartista offer some of the most beautiful photographs. {Some of my favs are the pink ones, of course.}

Myan is generously offering a 5 X 5 or 5 X 7 (your choice) photograph to two lucky winners!

AND, any purchases made at sixthandmain during the month of October that mention ‘Paris Hotel Boutique’ as a referral, 10% off will be donated to the Avon Foundation for Woman Breast Cancer Crusade.

  • To enter the giveaway, take a look at the sixthandmain's online shop {here}, tell us your favorite photo, and leave a comment below on this blog.
  • Deadline to enter the giveaway is October 14th. Two winners will be randomly selected and contacted by e-mail after October 14th .
  • If you do not have a blog or contact e-mail on your blog, please include it with your comment for notification. Open to all readers!

Good Luck/ Bonne Chance!

photos: sixthandmain


lwayne352 said…
Lovely. These pictures brought back so many memories of my childhood in Santa Monica & Venice.
Thank you
My favorite is the "ink slinger collection". I've been a secretary for about 30 years and love old typewriters. There's something very romatic about them to me.
Beautiful atmospheric photographs. My favorite is Catwalk since I'm a confirmed 'crazy cat lady' but the Therapy Session-Cupcake is a close second. Great pictures.
Nita Stacy said…
Oh so many I liked. I think I like 7th Street Metro...if I have to choose one but loved China Town and Carnival Lights too. I think a person would need a group of these...not just one.
Fiona Designs said…
It's so difficult to pick a favorite photo but if I had to the aphrodite - apple photograph is divine!

Oh I love all of these images Lynn.
I know that you showed it, and I promise that I've been over to see her site but my favourite is ' al mio amore'.
A wonderful giveaway. XXXX
Another fabulous find Lynn! It would be hard to pick a favorite, so much talent and beautiful images. But, I do love the love letters tied with pink ribbon. A gorgeous giveaway and post. Makes me want to change all my photo images to pink. Much love XO
Pattycake said…
Hi Lynn,
Such beautiful photographs! They make me feel feminine just looking at them.
Aisa. said…
Symphony lover and star gazer are my faves
Anonymous said…
Love them! Wonderful!

Fete et Fleur said…
Wonderful photography. I love Girlie Show!!

RagdollDesigns said…
I really like - al mio amore - love letters photograph, but then I'm one of the few people left on earth that writes letters.
Ann said…
It's Good Morning Darling for me, but "I'm kind of a big deal" is good too. My brother says that all the time!
Hillary said…
What beautiful pictures, my favorite one is the crush - daisy photograph.

hillaryanna at yahoo dot com
Debbie said…
Ink Slinger #2 is my favorite but they are all so beautiful it was hard to choose. We 3 figs was a close 2nd
Unknown said…
Wow. Her photography is just from a wonderland it seems, I love it!

My favorite is the summer romance - venice photograph. Just beautiful!
I love inkslinger #2. And I was happy to share the link to my facebook page cause they are all so lovely. Thank you.
meg said…
I liked so many. I think love comes in purple too, the catwalk, the butterflies, and all the typewriter ones. thanks, they are wonderful.
Nicole said…
They are all so gorgeous, just my style! My favorite is "Waiting for Chloe", I love pink!
I love the picture of Love Letters. In this busy world of computers and the internet the "Art of Writing Letters" seem to be lost. My grandmother wrote me a letter and I still have 35 years later.
sixthandmain images - ooooh la la! Love the Ink Slinger collection, "we 3 figs", the artichoke, the columbine and isis flowers ... however, the photos are very NOW with their statement and the vintage treatment.

Also, am happy to find Paris Hotel Boutique Journal. A fellow Parisophile am I!!
Karena said…
Oh my I adore her photography. The City of Dreamers is truly my very favorite!!

Art by Karena
jane said…
Love the pics. Like the surf shop, Chinatown, Ameoba, the Palladium (from my high school days in LA).

Janelle said…
Phenomenal dream-like mementos of splendid summers spent in Santa Monica as a child. Love the ink-slinger collection and birthday & love letters too!
Thanks for a lovely giveaway, Lynn and chance to win.
Best wishes from a fan,
La Chappelle said…
My faves are Les Bouteilles & Metamorphosis,

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