Come Fly With Me!

Remember when airline travel was glamorous?

When you could arrive at the gate at 7:59 am for an 8:00 am flight?

When airport security meant no lines?

When there was actually such a thing as "leg room?"

When passengers would dress up special (no sweats or jeans) to take even the shortest flight? Perhaps with a cute train case?

When you were served a meal that consisted of three courses, served on a white tablecloth by a "stewardess" in a fancy pill box hat?

When the name "stewardess" wasn't politically incorrect?

When suitcases weren't all black so you could actually find your bag at baggage claim?

Aaaah...the good ole days...

photo credits: retro-space, fclo


I actually love flying, the whole idea of hurtling through the air high above the world but.........the airport, the wait, the tight seats, the crappy food, the whole thing is just so uncivilized now. And I always get sick no matter how much sanitizer I use. I think people would actually fly more if they could manage to bring back more of the old glamour somehow. But I don't think that is going to happen. Love the photos Lynn!
Oh Lynn!
I LOVED this!!!!! Being an ex sky goddess myself, we were so proud of our jobs back then.... I remember those PSA Uniforms!!!!(A bit before my time though.) I also remember serving full airplanes a full meal with beverage service on flights that were only 1 hour and 10 minutes long......It is sad to see what the American airlines have been reduced to service wise..
Thanks for this fun post!
Maryanne xo
Me! said…
. . . sigh . . .
vicki archer said…
I think those days were a dream Lynn.....xv
Uncle Beefy said…
Shut the front door!!! That first photo?!! JOYOUS! Gasp & swoon! :)
Oh my goodness Lynn, I remember that so well! My mom and dad would be in their smart suits and I would be in a cute dress. I wanted to be a stewardess for the longest time...thanks for the smiles!

The French Maid said…
I am laughing out loud over this post remembering my Dad in his military uniform, Mom in her Sunday best (hat and hose with garter belt, of course)and me in my little red dress and mary janes in 1969. That 8 or 9 hour trip to Germany was made so special by the lovely ladies who took special care of us! What a wonderful adventure it was...with our monogramed luggage! Just not the same, now, huh?
--Lee Ann
Oh goodness. My mom was a "stewardess" with United. I'm going to have to show her this....Yes, how gorgeous and glam it all looked. That luggage is to die for. Wonderful photos!

Have a lovely day...
lila Braga said…
so true it was a really lovely experience...and so glamour to say Iam an air-hostess! Today is even shameful to be one...I had a barbie dressed as an Air-hostess and use to dream of being one myself...ahhhh, the good old days!
Lovely,lovely blog you have here.Will be coming around often to read your latest posts.
Hi Lynn,
Well, it was so much more romantic and exciting then, wasn't it ? I can remember going to Spain when I was 16 and the departure lounge was a glorified shed !! and, you had to walk across the tarmac to get on the plane all the time in those days. I don't really like living in the past but, the older I get, the more of a grumpy old woman I am becoming and am always saying things were better in the 'old days' !!
I love the images that you have found. So nostalgic. XXXX

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