Assouline at the Plaza

Assouline Books at the Plaza Hotel in NYC, who knew? Have any of you been there?

It opened last July...okay, I'm a little behind. Apparently there is a small shopping mall in the Plaza and this little treasure of a shop is there. Plaza monogrammed windows and all. I was there last May and didn't see any mall.

Plaza monogrammed windows and beautiful vignette

I love Assouline. This luxury publisher produces handsome books on fashion, art, photography and design, as well as, beautiful gift items like desk accessories and stationary. Assouline and Taschen have to be two of my favorite publishers. Assouline's luxury-edition boxed-sets are amazing.

Assouline offers a range of three scented candles for bibliophiles called Book Scented Candles which includes Bibliothèque, Wood, and Leather. They are meant to "...evoke the rich fragrance of a library with carefully selected blend of aromatic ingredients gathered from around the world." (I need one of these candles)

And what about these monogrammed ostrich eggs?

Interiors of the Assouline bookstore/boutique located in The Plaza Hotel. What a bright and beautiful space.

Okay, this is torture. A well-curated selection of vintage books for sale. I love vintage books, as many of you may know from my shop. This photo is making me want to fly back East!

If you live in New York or are visiting, check out the Assouline shop in the Plaza. Please let us know how it is!

Assouline at the Plaza Hotel
768 Fifth Avenue, Mezzanine Level
New York, New York

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a. said…
It's absolutely gorgeous. The Assouline's have great taste.

I read an article a couple of days ago that unfortunately the Plaza shops are like a ghost town.
Oops! I guess I'm a little late with this story, huh? Did you ever read the story about the Plaza in Vanity Fair? About the owner, etc etc. Just what a sham it is...
Lisa & Alfie said…
Assouline's seem just like my kind of place! I guess I am a little behind as well. Have to find that article.
As well as one of those candles.
Hey Lynn,
I am so glad you were able to get a peak through the windows. I would love for you to blog about us! But you had better bring your camera because mine is not capturing the front very well and your pics are usually gorgeous. Those chairs are amazing aren't they?
Alfie says hi to Vito!
Lisa & Alfie
Anonymous said…
I did stumble across it last Oct ... all in the same day I stepped into Bergdorfs for the first time ... what a wonderful day !!! Thanks for refreshing my memory !
Thanks Lisa (Pickled Hutch Lisa)! Hopefully I'll be coming down there in the next couple of weeks. I'll definitely bring my camera!

Lisa Golightly: I'm jealous....would have loved to have browsed through their books. And Bergdorfs...I'm glad I didn't miss that. I think we went there every day. Sick...
Anonymous said…
Oooh, it looks lovely!! I will check it out when I'm in NY next month!! xx
Anonymous said…
This shop has been designed by a friend !
A young french architect julien jacquot :

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