Tea, Poodles, & Greyhounds

What a great way to spend a Sunday--San Francisco’s famous Ghiradelli Square. Usually for tourists, it is now becoming a destination for locals. On my way to a doggie meetup group, I stopped by my friends’ tearoom, Crown & Crumpet. The proprietors, Amy & Christopher Dean have been friends of mine for years, back to the days when they owned the charming La Place du Soleil in Russian Hill.

Amy, a native San Franciscan, and Chris, from England, merge their talents as antiques dealer, prop buyer, and set dresser, to create this gem of a tea shop.

This tearoom is like no other -- so much style and wit. It’s officially a “Doily-Free Zone,” no granny-thing going on here. It’s cheerfully decorated with Cath Kidston prints, which grace the walls, chairs, tables and aprons. The pink & white checkered floors are scrumptious!

{Antique "Tea Merchant" sign that the Dean's shipped over from England}

Their menu is amazing with finger sandwiches, scones, salads and yummy organic crumpets. And of course, the wide variety of teas to choose from.

Such wonderful details including their custom china pieces that can be purchased in their gift shop

Small touches like antique silver water pitchers add to the character of this shop.

Can't help but love these vintage signs...

A cozy seating area if you just want to relax and sip tea...

and fancy sherrys and ports to compliment your lunch...

{Lest not forget the yummy candy for sale in their adorable gift shop}

or these fun party hats!

{Exterior of Crown & Crumpet}

If you're visiting San Francisco, be sure stop by Crown & Crumpet!

Crown & Crumpet
207 Ghirardelli Square
900 North Point
San Francisco, CA 94109

What a beautiful view of the Bay from Ghiradelli Square

After visiting Amy & Chris, I mosied on over to Yap Wraps, across the way from Crown & Crumpet. They were hosting a miniature Italian Greyhound meetup group and our Poodle meetup group was invited.

20 Italian Greyhounds and 4 Poodles attended the meetup at the Ghiradelli Square Terrace. Wine & cheese was served for the owners.

It was a little chilly, so they had a nice little fire going...

Vito & Maxie, the poodle crashers of the event! whew...I'm tired!


Joyce said…
I love the tearoom! I wish I lived near this one. It is adorable. Do they have a website? I so love the crown sugar and pitcher!!
What a neat gathering for dogs and their owners.
Thanks for sharing!
Thanks so much Joyce! It is such a cute shop. Yes, they do have a website, crownandcrumpet.com. They don't have the shopping part set up yet, but you can call and I'm sure they would ship to you.

Thanks again!
Anonymous said…
OOh Lynn,
Thank you so much for the fabulous blog posting!! Wow! Great fun photos and a lovely description of our lil'ol tea salon! Thank you so much!
I am so excited about my sign!!!
Take care ! and thank you again,
Anonymous said…
Quel jour you had! I can't believe we never made it to Crown and Crumpet, it looks absolutely edible! I lopve the party hats, old signs, hotel silver, fireplace...and on and on! The fire is the square looks like the perfect place to rendezvous with your pups. Can't wait to come back and play with you at all your secret San Fran hot spots!
I am stupidly in love with that tea room!! It's funny because in the UK tea rooms are never as cute. I'll def be putting this on my places to visit list...Everything is so great from the colours to the china! Gorgeous.

Great blog will be adding you to my blog list x
Di Overton said…
What a fabulous tea shop - so very English
Anonymous said…
How fun is this. J'dore the lighting. Looks like a great way to spend an afternoon!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE that place, (and love your pretty blog by the way) I love those teapots with the crown, the colors are so cheery and thank you for showing us all those pictures!!!

Take care!!!

Will blog soon!!!

Paul Pincus said…
love cath kidston! terrific post!
Amy: So glad you like the post! It doesn't even capture how great the it is in person!!!

Claudia: Come back soon and I'll take you there. It's so much fun and really yummy!

Rachael: Thanks for your comments. Very special coming from a UK girl! They really did a great job with creating a unique ambiance.

Di: Thank you...come over for tea sometime!

Gatherings: thanks for your comments. The lighting is very unique...I am tempted to put a shade on my chandelier!

Chiara & Paul: Thank you and I appreciate you visiting my blog!
Alkemie said…
Oh WOw! I never knew they had such a cute tea shop at that plaza. I must check it out. It's sooo cute! Thanks for sharing Lynn.

Karen O.

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