The Look of Vintage Lanvin

I've been wanting to post about this spectacular Lanvin book for some time now. I finally got around to taking some photos and wanted to share them with you.

If you love Lanvin, you must purchase this book published by Rizzoli and written by Dean L. Merceron. It traces the history of Lanvin, from its founding by Jeanie Lanvin in 1909 through 1946, the year of her death. Did you know that Lanvin is the oldest surviving couture house?

The book is filled with the most gorgeous photos of gowns & accessories from the Lanvin archive. You will not be able to put it down. It is a huge hardcover book, 368 pages filled with the most beautiful couture collections. Take a peek at some photos below... (please click on photos for enlarged views)...

Silk tulle skirt with silver bugle bead applique, Winter 1918

"Les Petites Filles modeles,: 1925.

Ruched black silk taffeta hat with single flower detail, at center front, of pink silk and white milk-glass beads. 1922.

Bodice of irridescent silk taffeta-taffetas changeant - in peach and light blue with chiffon rose detail. Jeanne Lanvin, 1910-12.

"La Cible." Evening blouse of pave sequins in a spiraling Japanese mon motif, Winter 1931.

Robe de style of Mrs. Stephen C. Clark. Pink organdy bodice and overskirt with white organdy border. Embroidery and milk glass beading. 1921.

Youthful organdy robe de style of lavender with white scalloped border-the-self-fabric flower detail and ribbon streamers are at center front. Around 1924.

Evening dress, 1927. Pink silk taffeta robe de style rests on a oval boned petticoat, trimmed in light blue silk taffeta.

Overall view and detail of "Marjolaine, " the quintessential robe de style of Lanvin. Apple green silk taffetas changeant is used to create an off-the-shoulder-drop-waist, full-skirted silhouette. 1920.

Metallic lame robe de style with built-in pannier structure. Silk tulle shoulder straps and hemline are bound in rose-colored velvet. Clusters of rose, lavender, and golden yellow velvet flowers are placed randomly on the skirt, and a larger corsage is placed on the bodice. 1922.

"Cyclone" from 1939, a two-tiered, full-skirted, smoke-gray silk taffeta evening gown with an 18th century inspired belted purse. Embroidered in silver sequins and seed beads as well as coral-colored daisy shapes. Close-up of beading detail.

Back and profile views of bridal headpiece to the ensemble "Hymnee," present in February 1927.

Black silk chiffon evening dress with plunging back neckline. Seven diamante bow brooches are the only embellishments on this otherwise simple design. Created for the collection of winter 1948-49.

"Concerto" cream silk crepe robe with separate black celluloid collar. Collection of 1935.

Young girl's full-length party dress of white organdy with self-fabric flowers hand-tinted in various shades of light pink. Spring/Summer 1937

"Bagatelle" dress and "Mazurka" cape. Silk satin evening dress. Winter 1935.

Bedroom of Madame Lanvin at 16 rue Barbet-de-Jouy, Paris

All photos from the Lanvin book, 2007, which you can purchase here.


Malisa said…
Oh,my gosh! These gowns are absolutely gorgeous! My mouth is hanging wide awe of the beauty! Thank you so much for sharing these photos!

I too am having a great giveaway! Check out my blog for information!

Paris-Insider said…
Lanvin was such an important leader in the fashion industry in the 20's and 30's in Paris. It's so amazing to be able to look back in time and see what was on the cutting edge of Paris fashion back then. The times have changed, but these designs are still beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
FrenchBlue said…
BEAUTIFUL Post! Beautiful Art & Design!! By far my Favorite Fashion in Paris!!
Moonlight: Thanks so much for your comments! I'm glad you like the post. Going to check out your giveaway now!

Paris-Insider: Thanks so much for your comments. Yes, Lanvin is so timeless and classic. Just amazing.

FrenchBlue: And thank you for buying me the book!!
Paris-Insider...just checked out your website. Beautiful!
a. said…
Lanvin is a favorite of mine. Of course I have a lot of favorites but this book is fabulous! You have great taste as always :-)
Alkemie said…
I LOVE Lanvin and I have the book too!

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