A Favorite Blog: Coterie

Alyssa owns a large collection of fashion memorabilia, including an original dress by fashion designer, Charles James, whose dresses are the ones that appear at the top of her blog (above).

About a year ago, I discovered Alyssa's blog, Coterie. She was sort of a "mystery woman" to me, only using the name "a." on her blog. Quite intriguing. Who was this girl?

A lover of books, fashion, design, decor and shopping, Alyssa started her blog as a way of "scrapbooking" her favorite things.

In her mid-20s and early 30s, Alyssa worked at Harry N. Abrams book publishers in New York City. During that time she worked on numerous books on art, decorative art, jewelry, design, decor, architecture, etc. She also had the opportunity to work with renown photographers, Francesco Scavullo and Richard Avedon. Okay, I'm impressed!

In addition to her Coterie blog, Alyssa has a companion blog, Coterie Books, where she has wonderful reviews of her favorite books and new releases.

Alyssa 's eclectic blog reflects her numerous passions, one as a life long fan of Lilly Pulitzer.

One of the things I love about reading Coterie is Alyssa's keen eye for the latest styles and trends, such as this typographic tote bag by Assouline (above) or these "Stay Classy" pencils from Earmark on Etsy (above). I've found a lot of goodies thanks to Alyssa.

Another "classy" find of Alyssa's are these monogrammed slippers from The Pink Giraffe

and these bow gloves from White + Warren

Alyssa frequently shares the inside scoop on private sales in NYC such as this one (above) at Kate Spade. Sorry, we're too late!

So be sure and visit Coterie and leave some "classy comments," as Alyssa so nicely puts it. While you're there, visit Coterie Books as well!

Photos from Coterie & Coterie Books


Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
I adore Alyssa too and am so glad you featured her here. I'm going to visit and say hi to her now, it's been way too long since I've been there. Thanks for the eye candy!
Jan said…
I'm intrigued - thanks for the link.
a. said…
I love it! Thanks Lynn xoxo a.
Great Tip! I always like get referrals to other blogs from bloggers I like!
Pigtown*Design said…
Alyssa is a great gal. Thanks for profiling her!
Alkemie said…
I LOVE the photo at the top witih all of the Charles James dresses. Wow.
Alkemie said…
I LOVE the photo at the top witih all of the Charles James dresses. Wow.

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