A Favorite Blog (& shop): The Paris Apartment

There have been 'Share the Luv' blog awards circulating the internet, so I thought I'd share 10 of my favorite blogs with you, one-at-a-time, so I can give attention to each.

beaded chandelier from The Paris Apartment

Let's begin with my longtime friend, Claudia Strasser, from The Paris Apartment. You may already know Claudia, as she is kind of a well-known gal. She authored a favorite book, The Paris Apartment in 1997.

Claudia is one of the nicest, fun, and creative women I know. Her beautiful blog is brimming with amazing photos, stories, her adventures in Paris (she plans trips there annually), flea market finds, and just about any subject you can think of.

Claudia is one talented lady. Artist, decorator, furniture designer, antiques dealer, writer, photographer. Have I left something out?

Paris is "Euro-Disney" to Claudia with its surreal & whimsical store fronts

Gorgeous Paris windows photographed by Claudia

Above: just some of the hundreds of Claudia's photos from her trips to Paris. She is an amazing photographer!

Jean Harlow...one of Claudia's favorites...so inexplicably glamorous!

Claudia is working on a book, Boudoir Noir, based on the forbidden Hollywood film sets and stars. Read more about it on her blog!

Claudia is also a movie buff. Her blog is filled with glamorous old movie stills that serve as her inspiration for her furniture creations. AND, she just loves old movies!

Painted pink chest from The Paris Apartment

Custom lucite chair that was inspired by those Helena Rubenstein had in her Paris apartment (from The Paris Apartment)

Custom Louis XVI lucite bench from The Paris Apartment

Additionally, Claudia's website, The Paris Apartment, has a boutique where she sells her custom lines of furniture, as well as, gorgeous vintage finds. She also offers design services.

So... walk through these beautiful French doors (photographed by Claudia) and visit her blog here. You will be in for a treat!

Photos courtesy of The Paris Apartment


Anonymous said…
I feel like I'm on This is Your Life!
Thank you darling, you're such an angel. It was good to see it all like this, I look so together! xoc
This is your life! I'm glad you like it...you da gal!
FrenchBlue said…
Claudia is My NUMBER #1 too! She is The President & The Queen of All Blogs on our Planet Earth!!
Yes she is Janet! the BEST!
Anonymous said…
Claudia's blog is amazing, always full of wonderful imagery.
Anonymous said…
Love the pictures - I love The Paris Apartment as well! It's such a gorgeous blog.
Noel Solomon said…
I love all these photos! Every single one is GRATE!
a. said…
You and Claudia are my favorites!
Anonymous said…
You all are too much! Talk about a reason to go on...
I'm coming to visit your blogs right now and thank you so much for the encouragement. Guess I'll keep on truckin just for you!! love c
Alkemie said…
Claudia is super talented and has incredible taste. She does indeed have a fabulous life :)

Karen O.

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