Speaking of Signage...

I just stumbled upon this old photo of my grandfather's camera shop on Post Street in San Francisco. I love the old neon sign.

He retired and closed the shop in 1978 after decades of being part of the downtown scene. In fact, you can see the "retiring" signs in the windows. Now his shop is a "memory" in the Crocker Galleria. Sad but true.


Unknown said…
What a beautiful memory and to have that picture is fantastic. What a jewel of a shop.
Lisa & Alfie said…
And what happened to the sign Lynn? I hope someone kept it. I love old signage like this, it makes me think of childhood. The storefront signs don't hold the same charm. Don't mail my prize (lol)!
Lisa & Alfie
Noel Solomon said…
Aww Lynn that is so special to have. It must me nice looking at an old photo like that, that takes you back to those times. xoxo!
Wonderful post...love the picture
I hope you put the picture, the card and a picture of your grandfather in a shadow box frame and display it. CAM
Judith, Lisa, Noelie and Carol Ann: thanks so much for your comments. I don't know what happened to that sign. Ugh...I was 18 at the time and not in the least interested in antiques. It probably ended up in a salvage yard. (: Good idea about a shadow box. Thanks Carol! Lynn

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