Romantic Homes: The Paris Issue

Just received my April issue of Romantic Homes magazine. It’s the Paris issue…my favorite! Special thanks to Janet at FrenchBlue & Co. for including Paris Hotel Boutique’s ‘'hotel silver" in the “Ten Trends in Paris” feature. I’m thrilled to be included among Lanvin, Goyard, and my friend Lucy at Paris Flea Market!

This issue is brimming with goodies! The talented Sandra Evertson has a feature on creating charming custom place cards. She even provides her own artwork for you!

Claudia of The Paris Apartment (yes, you Claudia!) has written an 8-page story titled, “ The Art of Conversation” that you won’t want to miss. And, Larry Solomon (FrenchBlue’s husband) shares his experiences of the Paris Flea Market in “Le Marche de Paris.”

There are many more great features, some beautiful homes, including Janet Rodriguez’s French-style home, with her cute Bichon Frise on the cover! Check your newsstands or purchase a copy here.

Photos courtesy of Romantic Homes


FrenchBlue said…
Always a pleasure to include YOU with the BEST because YOU are the BEST! Uh Uh UH!!
Unknown said…
Congratulations! WOW! I can't wait to get my hands on this one :)
a. said…
I am running out to find this issue TODAY - can't wait! I really need to subscribe :-)
Anonymous said…
WOW it looks like a great issue! I can't find it here in Miami :(
It's amazing that we're all in this one together. That's a keeper I'll treasure forever...once I find one!
Thank you gals. Claudia, I couldn't find it anywhere either. Finally I got it at Borders. I think they were a little late at getting this issue out. Great article!
Barb said…
Congrats to you! I can't wait to pick up this issue. I need to subscribe so I'm not out looking for it on a regular basis.

Have a great week.

Noel Solomon said…
I Love It!! Your the Best!!
Very beautiful, thank you for posting. I will have to pick up a copy tomorrow!
Di Overton said…
Not available in the UK :(
Cottage Rose said…
I am going to run right out tomorrow to grab my copy of Romantic Homes... I just love that magazine, I have so many back issues. lol I can't wait to read it... Oh and congratulations on being in the magazine... How exciting for you...

How great! I hope to find the issue tomorrow.
lisa golightly said…
Congratulations ! Can't wait to get that issue in my hot little hands !
Stephanie said…
This was a great issue. I always save the Paris issues.
Lynn, I am sooo glad you blogged about this issue of Romantic Home!

I looked all over for it after reading your post, and finally found a copy at the news stand on Polk.

LOVED the listing of Paris ideas, including your hotel silver. And then as I flipped thru the issue, I nearly fell over when I came upon the big feature about a tiny store in New Hampshire that I went to last summer.

The Red Chair is just amazing, and the article tells a great story about Jocie, the owner. (A stylist friend of mine from Boston told me about the Red Chair a couple of years ago. FINALLY, I took the time to make a day of it and drive up to Peterborough, NH.) Well worth a day trip up from Boston. Jocie has a great eye, and everything in her shop looked really pretty.

Thanks for your wonderful post and the inspiration to find a copy of Romantic Homes. (I think I must've let my subscription lapse.)

Thanks Joan! I know, it's so hard to find the issues here in the city. Polk Street is always the best for everything, right?

The Red Chair sounds fabulous! One day perhaps I'll get to see New Hampshire and visit.

Hope all is well and thanks again! Lynn

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