Just In From Beaudesert: "Beaton Sailors"

Awhile back I posted about Cecil Beaton's Fabrics' "Sketchbook Collection," inspired by Beatons' fashion sketches from his book 'The Glass of Fashion."

They just added some wonderful designs of "Saucy Sailors," also inspired by the book. The prints are available on silk, linen and wallpaper. Of course I was excited to see this, as I love anything Beaton!

"A stylish, fun nautical design depicting Sailors contentedly lounging off duty, in fresh fifties ice-cream colourways."

Also new from the Sketchbook Collection, "Beaton 1929" (below)

You can view the entire collection available here at Beaudesert Fabrics!

Photos courtesy of cecilbeatonfabrics.com


Unknown said…
I love it! The sailors are adorable! ;) A man in uniform is never a bad thing!
Love Cecil Beaton, and I would love to have his beautiful scrapbook!!!

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