Great Find: Look For Fiddleheads

I just received the t-shirt I purchased from Look For Fiddleheads, a wonderful shop on Etsy. These vintage-inspired t-shirts are made by Lee, a Maine-based artist. Lee's designs are quirky and absurd pairings with reflective curiosities and experiential meanderings, inspired by rare newspapers (1832-1845) that belonged to her grandmother.

The name Fiddleheads is the result of Lee spending seasons with her stepmother who would take her to the woods to look for fiddleheads; (coiled up baby ferns). They would pick the fiddleheads and cook them for dinner (with a touch of vinegar, or butter, and some salt.) Cute, huh?

Lee has a great selection of shirts on her site in different colors and sizes. Tees are organic cotton or an eco blend, printed to order in a studio striving to be zero-waste. Check them out here. (Thanks Lee...I love my shirt!)


Unknown said…
Cute! You find the BEST things! I love the second one :) Fun!
savvycityfarmer said…
oh, I want the type B shirt.....

I linked here from di overton!!

Don't ya just love her?
gatherings home said…
I love these! They are adorable. Never tried fiddleheads before but I have heard they are tasty.
Barb said…
I need those! What a wonderful find.

Have a great weekend.

Debi said…
Love the shirts! I will have to try one!
Thanks for the info!
Di Overton said…
How refreshing, so dfferent
Excellent tip! I too love Etsy, but hadn't come across this vendor - whose work is a perfect present for my neice's birthday!
Anonymous said…

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