Feed Sack Chic

The May issue of Country Living features some great uses for feed sacks. I've sold "feed sack" chairs before and love the juxtiposition of the feed sack on a fancy French chair. Perhaps a bit uncomfortable, but has a unique look for sure!

Cute little pin cushion...

Corkboard made from a Guatemalan coffee sack!

Old French chair upholstered in a 1906 feed sack...

All photos courtesy of countryliving.com


ana said…
I love the chair!
Berlin Deluxxe said…
Truly chic! But I can't get over the itch factor :)
Oh how I love feedsacks -- burlap, linen, muslin. Somehow its all casual with a refined, even elegant touch right now. That part in the new Country Living mag was my fave! ;)

Cottage Rose said…
Wow love the pillow and love that chair.... very chic.

DolceDreams said…
Love Them!
Oh.. I love old feed sack upholstered french chair. Great inspiration!! Thank you.

x Julie

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