Play Date Friday

I'm exhausted from an estate sale I went to yesterday, so I skipped today, thus, no "Estate Sale Friday" post. But the good news is that Vito had his poodle friend, Alfie, over for a play date. Alfie's Mom is Lisa from Willa Home & The Pickled Hutch, which I will be blogging about as soon as I get great shots of the store.

I think I have more fun watching the dogs play than they do playing. I couldn't resist posting these photos...Alfie's so happy, he's smiling...

Best Friends Forever (Alfie left, Vito right)


Lisa & Alfie said…
He had such a great time playing with Vito. But I have to say, he is one tired puppy tonight! Thanks again Lynn.
Lisa & Alfie
Unknown said…
So cute Lynn! Alfie is totally smiling!!! :) That is adorable. I love it! I'm going to have to find a playmate for little Daisy now! They are such little angels. I love these pics!

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