Happy Passover to all who celebrate! Have a wonderful seder!


a. said…
Happy Passover to you!
Love Your Homes said…
Passing over from Judith's post today,
I just want to let you know how much I like your blog and wish you a Happy Easter holiday.

Renée Finberg said…
Happy Passover !!

i am loving your sites !
Thank you all!
Kirsten Steen said…
Wow, just found you from Judith's post. Am putting you on my list of blogs and coming back. Just went through some of your past posts and love the photos. Any chance you have any of the old CliffHouse? Lovely blog!
Have a beautiful Passover with your family....any change-of-mind on that Victorian notepad yet, just checking. I wouldn't give it up either.
Kirsten, thanks so much! I should actually do a post on the Cliff House. Great idea, thanks!

Gift Wrapped Life - thank you so much for your wishes. (I'll put you at the TOP of the list for the chateliane)!

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