Museum of Victorian Curiosities Auction

Di over at Designer's Block has tortured me once again with her post about the The Shambles Museum in Gloucestershire sadly closing and holding a 4 day auction, May 18-21. I wish I could simply "hop over the pond" to the UK to attend.

Divided into interesting sections, this auction has an array of eclectic items with reasonably priced estimates. Auctioneer Simon Chorley said it was one of the largest collections of everyday Victoriana in the UK.

I've selected a handful of photos of some of my favorite things, but be sure and visit the website here to check out the HUNDREDS of things they are auctioning off. Perhaps you'll be there to attend?


A quantity of pens, pencils, nibs etc, many in original packaging

Estimate: £ 50 - 70


A No 3 Cartridge Kodak camera by Eastman Kodak Co.

Estimate: £ 120 - 150

"The Shambles museum uniquely recreates the feel of Victorian life of the 1890s and everything from the original shop facades and their shelf-stacked interiors to agricultural corn merchants and the police station manned by its Bobby will be offered in the 2,300 lot sale."


A quantity of pots for Woods Areca Nut toothpaste

Estimate: £ 80 - 120


An early 19th Century apothecary's chest, the brass bound mahogany box with hinged lid enclosing a fitted interior containing various bottles etc above a drawer similarly fitted, bears label for George Anderson, Chemist to the King, Worcester

Estimate: £ 150 - 200


Huntley & Palmers Tin, Morocco

Estimate: £ 30 - 40

Nine jars for Frank Coopers 'Oxford' Seville marmalade

Estimate: £ 30 - 40


A large quantity of gentleman's shirt collars and leather collar boxes

Estimate: £ 100 - 150


Six ivory napkin rings with plated mounts, in a fitted case

Estimate: £ 30 - 40

A pierced fish server and sundry plated items etc

Estimate: £ 20 - 30

Photos from Simon Corley Auctioneers


Unknown said…
OMG! I think my heart just skipped a beat! Let's hop on a private jet and go buy everything up! I love it! Those top hats are fantastic! I'm off to check out the other items! Thanks for this post, I'm in heaven! How badly do I wish I was there right now! Fun!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for such a delightful post and links :)
FrenchBlue said…
OMG! Let's go now not later... or do you think we should go join Claudia in Paris.. She said we could meet her at the Laduree on des Champs Elysees~~ Thanks for the Grate post!
vicki archer said…
What fabulous goodies - I would love to go to that, xv.
Michelle Marie said…
What a fun post!! I love how antiques can take you back to even times when you were not yet born. I can feel the energy and life to those pieces from all the way over here!

Thank you all. Let's all go over there!!
Fabulous vintage items! I love the top hats. You have a very nice blog.

Janet Bernasconi
Janet's Creative Pillows
I am officially insane with an overwhelming desire to attend this auction.
Oh my goodness - what an EXCELLENT TIP!! I'm going to post the news on my site crediting you, bien sur!! Merci!
The 19th Century apothecary's chest would be on my list of gotta have :)
Di Overton said…
I can't make it as I will be in Paris :(
just a note: it is Simon CHORLEY Art & Antiques, and there is a blog there too. Art & Antiques Focus: on the relevance of art & antiques in the 21st century, culturally, socially and indeed environmentally. Do leave a post or comment there too! Thanks for this blog, and all your positive comments on the May Victoriana Auction too. You do not need to be there actually, our website shows you how to bid at all our auctions by e, phone, or even Live Online Auction.
Excellent blog and thanks for all the comments. I trust you will also find time to leave a comment on a new blog, Art & Antiques Focus,, with your thoughts on the relevance of Antiques in our modern world - culturally, socially and environmentally. Also, it should be noted that you do not have to come to the sale to view the catalogue online at the website or to bid! Email, telephone and Live Online Auction is available for all Lots on the four days of the sale. All the lots are fascinating, as are the fabulous period books which explain so much of the the era and its artefacts. Thanks again for your positive responses to the Auction and items.
Great antique items! I love all of them.They must be have a high value..
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