First Stop, Indigo Seas

Last weekend my friend Renee and I took one of our road trips to Southern California. I'm sorry to report that we didn’t find too many treasures on this trip. But, as always, the inspiration was wonderful.

Upon arrival, our first stop was to the lovely Indigo Seas on Robertson Blvd. (West Los Angeles). A definate “must stop” on every L.A. trip. Proprietress, Lynn Von Kersting happened to be in the shop that day, so it was an extra treat. Lynn is a multi-talented lady; designer, co-owner (with her chef husband) of the famous Ivy restaurants, and widely acclaimed as a “taste maker.” If you’re not familiar with her shop or work, many have blogged about her including, Joni at Cote de Texas; Von Kersting being one of Joni's top ten favorite designers.

One of my favorite things in this magical shop are the vintage books. Great titles with beautiful covers add a treat of flavor!

Lynn greeted us with her outgoing and engaging personality, detailing page by page of her fabulous book, “La Strada della Dolce Vita.” This book is filled with images of her shop, home, restaurants, recipes and more. It was quite fun to have her share her tales of travel, friends, family and design. Quite an interesting lady.

Lynn does an amazing job of mixing patterns; stripes, florals, it all works. She's not afraid of color, and mixes new and vintage beautifully.

Indigo Seas has an eclectic mix of Grand Tour souvenirs and the most fabulous oil paintings of portraits, florals and seascapes. Depending on the day, you'll hear Brazilian or French background music, adding to the sultry Los Angeles weather, and transporting you to another time and place.

Photos from "La Strada della Dolce Vita" book show Lynn's unique eye...

Shots of Lynn's home...

Fun handwritten recipes in this oversized book.

Color, color and more color!

Before leaving, Lynn was so sweet and gave Renee and I each a shirt. They are from France (of course, right?), lightweight and perfect for summer weather. What a kind gesture!

You won't find Lynn online. She doesn't deal with computers and doesn't hesitate to let you know that. So, you'll have to shop in person. Be sure and visit Indigo Seas at 123 N. Robertson, Los Angeles, CA. Her book is sold exclusively there, so if you can't make it there you could call to order a copy at (310) 550-8758. You won't be disappointed!

A day in Santa Monica and Venice brought us to another favorite spot, Obsolete.

Obsolete has the most unique antiques and artifacts. Entrancing, magical, ethereal. Everything from industrial lighting to obscure curiosities, it is a treat to visit this shop.

These little birds have their own little house in the middle of the shop. They even have their own little vintage lights. How cute it that?

Fabulous found objects...

unique artists...

Mechanical contraptions...

Wonderful art. A treasure of a shop!

Okay, that's all the reporting from So. Cal. See you next trip...hopefully with a van full of treasures!

Photos from “La Strada della Dolce Vita" and Obsolete


Unknown said…
Oh Lynn! Looks like sooo much fun! I was in LA today, next time I'll meet up with you, I live so close :) I'm going to have to check out (the other) Lynn's shop it looks fantastic! Great post!!!
Judith, how far are you from LA? You must see this shop. They are only open a few hours on Sat and closed on Sunday. Best to go during the week. Great inspiration and then have a bite next door at the Ivy!
Unknown said…
Hi Lynn,
I am definitly going to check it out, it sounds heavenly. I've eaten at the Ivy a few times and I can't believe I never stopped in! I live about 20-30 minutes from LA. So close! I'm there all of the time. My best friend lives in West Hollywood, so we usually meet up during the week for lunch out there! This will have to be our next jaunt! :) Next time you are in town, I would love to meet up
Julie said…
Wonderful! What else can I say?
Two of my favorite shops ever!

I love everything about Indigo Seas. It reminds me of my aunt and uncle's house--they were missionaries in Africa and had some incredible collections and books--but put together with taste! I love the Porthault pillows and I could kick myself for not purchasing Lynn's book when I was last there. I will have to order it, I guess.

My sons LOVE Obsolete--it's definitely heaven for young males with a twisted artistic bent (like them). In fact, we all loved it but I had some problems with all the feathered art, as I have a bird phobia!

Many thanks for sharing a fascinating visit!
Salon de Sucre said…
I cant believe how much color had lifted my spirit! oh and the birdcage is really pretty!
Sounds like fun! Next time you need to pop by Empiric to say "hi"!
Di Overton said…
That woman can certainly mix her colours to great effect. Amazing!
ana said…
Beutiful post!
lovely pictures.

I like your blog very much, I'm a decor fan!!
CashmereLibrarian - Thanks for your comments. So glad you've been to both places. Amazing right? You should definitely order one of the books. They are huge with gorgeous photos!

Annie - what was I thinking? I've been wanted to see your shop for ages. For sure, next trip to LA!!

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