I'm very excited to be a part of the BLOG OUT LOUD event happening next weekend here in San Francisco!

What is BLOG OUT LOUD? It's a chance for anyone interested in blogging to engage in a town-hall style discussion about blogging, community, and creative networking. New & seasoned bloggers looking for new ideas on how to promote, grow or maintain their blog.

The panel of bloggers will include some names you may recognize; Cassandra of Coco + Kelly, Anne of The City Sage, Christina at Ferm Living, Susannah of Petunia Face, and moi! It is all hosted by Sasha at Belljar where the event will take place Sunday, August 23rd.

The two incredible ladies behind the event, Rebecca at, and Megan from Beach Bungalow 8, will be moderating the panel.

Make sure to go to the BLOG OUT LOUD website to RSVP as space is limited. If you're in the Bay Area please come join us!


Anonymous said…
Oh, I wish I lived closer. Seattle might be too far. Sounds like fun!
Cindy @
Have a great time and come back and give us lots of blogging's a bit far for me to come from England !!!!
vicki archer said…
I would love to go but alas....please tell us all the goss afterwards. xv
Anonymous said…
Be there in spirit, Lynn.
Take lots of notes to pass along!
Congrats on such an accomplishment, and enjoy!
Unknown said…
Such a great idea!!! It is a bit to far for me, I am in New York, but I would love to read your tips after you come back from Blog Out Loud! Have a very wonderful Monday.:-)))

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