Tim Irving Photography Giveaway!

Happy Monday everyone! I'm thrilled to announce that the amazingly talented photographer, Tim Irving, has offered to give two Paris Hotel Boutique Journal readers one of his lovely photographs. His beautiful work has been published in The London Times & Time Magazine.

Tim lives and works in the Andalucia region of Spain and also authors a blog by the name of Style Med. It focuses on Mediterranean design and lifestyle. I just adore his work and have blogged about it before.

  • Check out Tim Irving's Etsy shop here, and leave a comment below telling us which photo you would like to receive if you're the lucky winner! There are over 100 images to choose from and they are printed on deep gloss archival paper of museum quality.
  • Anyone can enter -- International readers are more than welcome!
  • 2 winners will be chosen via Random.Org
  • Winners will be selected on Monday, September 7th at 9:00 pm PST and announced on Tuesday's post.
  • Please make sure and include your blog link or email me your contact info so that I can contact you after the giveaway.


Oh my goodness, there are so many!

The Joy OF Life (Eiffel Tower) is so gorgeous. Over The Garden Fence is very pretty as well! Provence is beautiful.

I think the Paris Metro sign is my absolute fave though. Wow! All so gorgeous!
I adore the Ballroom 1977 for the contrast in lighting and the romance of it all. I could see that sitting on my vanity in my master. But, it sure was a tough choice since all of them are magnificent.
Fabulous Finds Gal
jb said…
I just stumbled across your blog from Ella and Babba blog. I love the Paris and will be living there for 3 months in 2010. I have always had Paris on my mind. Seeing that I speak French and Italian fluently I am just aching to move and be surrounded by its beauty and culture.

I have traveled all over but never France this is a dream for me. If I could win a photo I would like very much The Joy of Life eiffel tower hands down. I would take it with me for the 3 months to remind me of why I wanted to win the photo and the reasons for my trip.

I love your blog and I love the randomness of my morning today. All morning it has been Paris for me. It started with Mel at Reverie and it's brought me to you.....how awesome is life.

Have a wonderful day....
They all are very unique... For my personal use I would enjoy Number 137... The Button Tin.... Loved the visit... thanks so much.
I love any of his images with red in them: poppy, flamenco dress. But his fair ride ones are my favorite, especially Carousel 1970. It reminds me of being a country kid and scrimping and saving all sumer for a one day pass to the mid-way at the fair, but that was back before all the fair rides made me sick!
Hello - I had to leave a note for your to say how wonderful your blog is and how much I've enjoyed reading your posts. They are creative, interesting and unique - and your photo's are divine too ! Best wishes and thank you for sharing them ...
Caroline said…
There were many to choose from but, my favorite is Think Pink.


design4less at yahoo dot com
Unknown said…
It was so hard to choose but I finally decided on View of Paris.
Chris said…
I think it's the end of summer working on me - I love so many, but would have to go with the Carousel. The Eiffel Tower and Metro sign are very close seconds.
pam said…
Thanks for the oportunity to win a photo and for introducing me to the work of this talented photographer. There are several favorites, but I especially love the Paris photos. I would love to win View of Paris.
missultraviolet said…
Oh! They're all so beautiful, delightful, amazing, enchanting... the stuff of dreams - and the color! ...love the colors! ...i'm so enchanted by contrasts of blue and red. My list of favorites is too long so I'll narrow it down to the Vintage Spanish Flamenco Girls Dress, Floriseteria and Paper Lanters. ...oh how I wish I will win! :) Thank you for doing this! So happy to discover your work!
Linda Lou said…
I would love to win "African Kitchenalia".
Thanks for introducing me to Tim Irving's work. It's beautiful.
thanks lou
edina said…
I like "Waiting for Dinner" - cute little dog!
Redness said…
I'm already a winner now you've introduced me to Tim's beautiful photography.

"French Landscape with Poppies" has me entranced and perplexed. What is that speck, that shadow in the distance? Did Tim catch a glimpse of the return of a young soldier to where in 1916 many of his mates lost their lives at war?

The red poppies bloom and sway in remembrance of the blood left behind by our young fallen soldiers ... could that be my grandfather guarding the poppies as they bloom?

I would gratefully cherish this gorgeous image.
Each page of his shop I spotted my favorite!!! But i narrowed it down to Paper Lanterns. I just love the beautiful ocean combined with the colorful lanterns.
Rebecca Snavely said…
Though "Lone Parent" with the two elephants is a close runner up, I think my favorite is "Carousel 1970."

Gorgeous photography.
leFiligree said…
all very pretty and atmospheric. i especially like "5 hummingbirds" and "resting." great giveaway!
miss b said…
All gorgeous but I love "Gina, Venice Beach"
roger said…
Hi my choices are:

1. Carousel
2. Eiffel Tower
3. Flamenco Dress

-Roger E
Kate said…
I love the Paris Metro near Montparnasse photo. Devotion to the Ocean is a close second. Both are beautiful!
this is definitelly my favorite;

The Joy of Life France - 8x8 inch Fine Art Photograph Signed

lauren51990 at aol dot com
I adore every single photo that Tim has taken! He has such exquisite talent!

My favorites (since I have to choose) are the Flamenco dresses!
Unknown said…
I love them all! But 'Resting' would look so beautiful in my living room so I'd have to choose that one.

Thanks for such a beautiful blog.
ana said…
Hi!!! I love Tim Irving work
My favorites are Spanish Walls and African Kitchenalia.
I have seen Tim Irvings work many times and The Joy of Life is still my favourite.....I'm a sucker for the Eiffel Tower.....many thanks for this lovely giveaway...I think that it's the fourth Tim Irving giveaway that I've entered. Haaven't been lucky on any of them....maybe this time, but I won't hold my breath. !!!!!!! XXXX
Beth said…
The photos are fabulous. I'm especially drawn to Carousel 1970.
My favorite photo is CAROUSEL 1970 - it has everything to be an "iconic" image. It reminds me of my childhood and that as adults we should take risks and enjoy life. I love Tim Irving's work of beautiful images - thanks for the opportunity.
Thaks for sharing his beautiful photography. It would be hard to pick but I would have to say Think Pink as I love the colour combination. My son would love Yellow Jersey (love the Tour de France) and there are too many others I could name. A fabulous giveaway......count me in!
It was so hard to choose just one, but I think it would have to be Provence France 1999!
Anna Challet said…
Devotion to the Ocean!
Di Overton said…
Well if I won and may I add I couldn't even win an arguement, I would have to choose the Faded English Rose as that is a perfect description of me and it would look perfect above my bed as my bedroom is in those colours. If I don't win I am still going to have it via Etsy. I had no idea he had an Etsy shop, thanks for that.
Anonymous said…
WOW! If I don't win I am totally buying "C'est la vie" and probably "French Landscape with Poppies", but I really loved them all - so beautiful. anntorr@unm.edu
Unknown said…
I love your photographs - such a dreamy and nostalgic quality.

If I win, I would love the photo of GINA the dog at Venice Beach.

Thank you!
Anonymous said…
I love all, but I could see "Big Yellow Catkins" in my home... I love it!

jessicaohman at yahoo dot com
imoldfashioned said…
Carousel 1970 please! If I win I'll email you my email address. Many thanks for running the contest.
Esme said…
They are all pretty-I like the french culinary lavender.


chocolateandcroissants at yahoo dot com

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