Yearbook Yourself!

I'm having way too much fun on a Saturday night. Has anyone seen the site Yearbook Yourself? Simply upload a photo of yourself and you can see what you'd look like in classic yearbook poses throughout the decades!

I'm loving the cat-eye glasses from the 60's

Oh wait...I had this hair style in the 80's!

Couldn't find myself in this photo until I realized that I was the blonde!

Yearbook yourself here!


Too fun! I haven't been brave enough to do this yet... maybe today... ;)

By the way!!! It was SO fun seeing your home in the new Romantic Homes magazine!! Gorge!!!

I'll bet it was a blast doing it! Care to fill us all in on what it was like during the photo set-up process, etc.?

Have a great weekend!

That hillarious!! Thanks for my morning chuckle.
Fabulous Finds Gal
Unknown said…
that is fantastic- thanks for sharing- having memories of being a majorette and wearing that hat- what fun, thanks!
love those! Although I think you do look cuter as a brunetter.:)
'm going to do it in a sec. We don't have year books here in the U.K but it will be funny to do. XXXX
Taylor Sterling said…
I just want to drop by and say thank you for speaking at the Blog Out Loud event last night! It was very helpful and I learned about your site and the amazing things you sell! xxTaylor
How sweet Taylor. It was so great meeting you too. AND, your blog is great! Hope to see you again soon!! Lynn

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