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flower-inpired perfume bottle - photo Fulvio Bonavia

If you've never visited the fabulous blog, Designer's Block, you must. Di Overton comes up with some of the most unique finds on the web. Based in the UK, Di is busy scouring the planet to share her stories and finds with us. I nearly stopped in my tracks when I saw these interesting flower-inspired photos by photographer, Fulvio Bonavia. Just another great find of Di's.

flower-inpired helmet - photo Fulvio Bonavia

"Dinner for One" table - Di Overton's Ghost Furniture

Di also manufactures her own line of unique furniture, Ghost Furniture. She takes vintage finds and turns them into new and beautiful items with a touch of 21st century eco-chic. Fab.

Make sure and visit Di's blog , but warning... you may find yourself off in Amsterdam purchasing the latest scarf that Di stumbled upon!


That perfume bottle is what dreams are made of! It is spectacular!
Shell Sherree said…
Breathtaking!!! Di has lovely taste!
Di Overton said…
Oh my, I will have to extend the doorways to get my head through :)
Thanks so much Lynn I am humbled.
Unknown said…
the perfume bottle is tre chic- love it!
Design Cracker said…
oh just love the perfume bottle too. Well loved it all.
Fifi Flowers said…
LOVE that perfume bottle... très FAB!

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