I'm Back!

photo from Vignettes, San Diego

What a great little getaway I had visiting my friend Janet in San Clemente. I just had to share some of the fun places she took me to!

One of our first stops was the town of Orange. Orange has so many antique shops and collectives that you really have to plan on spending a whole day there. We were on our way to another destination, so we couldn’t go to many shops, but stumbled upon this darling cupcake shop, The Perfect Circle. I couldn’t help myself!

Such a pretty assortment!

Of course, who can resist a Tiffany blue cupcake?

Love the decor of this cupcake shop!

Laguna Beach is pure heaven. A gorgeous coastside community with amazing boutiques and restaurants. Janet had told me so much about the Montage, that we made a trip over. Incredible. The property is breathtaking, and the ocean view speaks for itself.

A gorgeous turquoise blue tile mural graces the grounds of the Montage...

But of course, I couldn't escape the Montage without purchasing some goodies from their Spa gift shop. I bought this robe, but in hot pink. Definitely perks up those foggy San Francisco days!

This Voluspa candle is custom made for the Montage. It smells like a heavenly spa. I purchased one, but have a feeling I'll be buying more!

Next stop was to visit Lucy & Tony Torres of The Paris Flea Market. If you don't know Lucy, she is one incredible woman. One of the gurus of the Shabby Chic & cottage look...and fab French finds. It's always great to see them and peruse all of Lucy's fabulous treasures nestled in their ocean view home. What a treat!

Lucy & Janet

Lucy's collection of French & Italian tole and beaded chandeliers. Decadent!

Lucy's husband Tony...always with a smile!

I just love the Cedros Avenue Design District in Solona Beach. There are great little restaurants, boutiques and antique shops. Definitely worth making a trip if you're in the area.

This shop Solo is an upscale collective showcasing the collections of eight creative sellers, each with their own distinct style.

I was especially intrigued with this booth. Love this old hotel sign!

Interesting old French menu attached to an old French sign.

Great curiosity pieces...

More fun booths at Solo...

You can't take a trip to Southern California without stopping in San Diego. Ocean Beach has about 6 antique shops/collectives including the charming Vignettes, owned by Lori Chandler. Yes, some goodies in there!

Lots of eclectic finds at Vignetttes...

Okay, now we get to a sad part of the trip. Janet had been eying these amazing chairs for some time now...ready to put them in her dining room. I nearly flipped when I saw them in the window of this antique shop. They were from the Parisian shop of the late, great French interior decorator, Madeleine Castaing. Most likely dating to the 50's or 60's.

These gorgeous chairs have satin upholstery...well, you can see how stunning they are. Not to mention a set of 6! And from Castaing's shop...it was a no-brainer. Janet put them on hold, got home to find out that another person had purchased them earlier that day. What are the odds? Needless to say, some lucky person owns this set of 6 gorgeous chairs and it's not my friend Janet. Sad.

I have to share my Janet's (& husband Larry's) lovely home. Warm and cozy, decorated with whites and creams, natural elements, shells, chandeliers. It's amazing.

One of my favorite spots in her kitchen...hotelware from the Meurice in Paris.

One of the gorgeous bugs that Janet designs with natural elements or vintage brooches...

Their beautiful courtyard where Janet and I spent mornings and evenings having long chats. So relaxing...

This is Janet's work room where she gets inspiration and creates some of her whimsical pieces. I could spend hours in this room looking through all of her treasures. Each one has a special meaning.

I also had fun looking through all of their books and the fun little things nestled among them.

Thanks for joining me on my post Southern California trip. Janet and Larry were the best hosts and I had a glorious time. Now, back to the grindstone. Thanks Janet for an AMAZING four-day holiday!


Where do I begin with my comments? Everything is so perfect...each little detail covered and incredible! What a delightful getaway you enjoyed - good for you!
Shell Sherree said…
I'm glad I was sitting down for all of these gorgeous sights! The colour combo of the The Perfect Circle's decor is one of my favourites. And I feel for Janet with her near miss on those chairs. Mind you, her's and Larry's home is beautiful without them - and I love her bug! Glad you all had a wonderful time.
Fargerike Dagny said…
Wow, looks like you had an amazing trip! You shouldn't have posted those cupcakes first, they were totally on my mind for the rest of the post! I want one! And those chairs were fabulous, your friend must be super bummed :(
same as Mel...
am just drooling over but what really caught my eyes are the sublime Madeleine Castaing's chairs...They are so gorgeous!
Unknown said…
I do not know where to begin, each photo more incredible than the other- what wonderful items and fabulous displays. Thanks for sharing.
Gaboushka said…
What brilliant pictures - looks like a design whirlwind!
Anonymous said…
Lynn, looks like soooo much fun! You guys covered a lot of territory in four short days. It was great to see Janet's interiors, they're so beautiful! Welcome home!
Cyn said…
Oh how I wished I could have hung out with you two. I live in Orange County, not far from Laguna, and I used to live in the City of Orange, and have spent many hours in those wonderful antique stores in the Orange Circle. Your posts however have introduced me to a few new shops I now need to see, and what a great cupcake shop. Janet's home is perfection in my opinion. Please invite me on your next visit to the O.C. Glad you had so much fun.
Unknown said…
you've inspired me to do this very same trip...luckily i'm in LA so it's not too far.
what a wonderful post...thank you for sharing!!
lisa golightly said…
OMG .... The cupcakes... the chairs... the robe .... more than I can take ! Welcome back !
Trouvais said…
Hi Lynn...thank you so much for the virtual tour. And welcome home!
Cheryl Berger said…
Welcome back, Lynn. What gorgeous photographs. Thanks for sharing, I really got a feel for those wonderful places!
What wonderful places you visited, especially the Paris Flea Market...and I love the decor of the cupcake shop...I have been to Laguna Beach...we stayed there a good few years ago...I loved it as it's very arty, isn't it...thanks for sharing your lovely time with Janet. XXXX
Anonymous said…
I am certainly out of breath enjoying all the wonderful pictures you've shared with us today, I am glad you're back!
Sounds like you had an amazing time with a great friend!!! All the pictures are great, sorry about the chairs :(

Wow, can we have lunch some time? It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I would have loved those satin chairs too. Tell Janet to keep the faith for other goodies!
Lori said…
I just wished I could have met up with you & Janet as the 2 of you together are Fun on Wheels!
What a fabulous post. You two know how to do & see ALL the hot-spots. Maybe you 2 could start a tour service....I'll sign up today!!
Wow... you two powerhouse gals covered our So. Cal in perfect style. I do think Janet could start up a tour company!! I would go... Even if I live here. And, the pictures of her home reflect the ridiculous beauty perfectly!!! Oh... Vingettes, Lucy & Tony's home, Summerhill in Orange Circle & Montage. I've gotta get dressed and get outta here...
Fabulous Finds Gal
Me again, just letting you know I linked to this post on my post on Vignettes today. Your photos were amazing.

Fabulous Finds Gal

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