Too Pretty to Eat

Several vendors generously donated their wares to create gift bags for the Blog Out Loud event on Sunday. Each contained a delectable cookie from Amber at Sweet Ambs. They're almost too pretty to eat don't you think?

Love this floral cookie. How can you possibly eat it?

I think these cameo cookies are among my favorites

SweetAmbs cookies are made from a basic sugar cookie recipe, which is then flavored with fresh orange zest, vanilla beans, and a hint of cardamom. The royal icing has a dash of vanilla extract to bring together the wonderful flavors of the cookie.

These cookies are inspired by Wedgewood...

Aren't these monogrammed cookies lovely? Sold in sets of 6

These Royal Crown cookies are fit for a Queen!

You can purchase SweetAmbs cookies here on Etsy. She does custom work too!!

photos from SweetAmbs


FrenchBlue said…
OMG! I want that black and white cameo! I think I could hang it! Maybe even on my chandelier. What do you think? Too pretty to eat is what I think. GrAte post~
I didn't realize a cookie could ever be so gorgeous!!! YES, I would never, ever be able to eat one!
Fargerike Dagny said…
MY GOD! I want one! Those cookies are out of this world! :D
WOW! I would get one just to stare at it. I've never seen such beautiful cookies!
The floral and the crown cookies are my favourites...too pretty to eat...oh, well maybe just a bite!!!!!....they look so perfect. XXXX
I'll be sending for some of these when my lil' crumb turns 2!
Painted Preppy said…
Those cookies are georgeous, I collect wedgwood and I adore the blue and white cookie. I may request those for my birthday party, thanks for the info.
how amazing!
Amber Spiegel said…
Thanks so much for featuring my cookies in your blog!
Amber, thanks so much for visiting. I am just crazy for your cookies and can't wait to order some in the near future! What a perfect gift! Lynn
WOW those are exquisite, they should be lacquered and mounted over doorways everywhere!

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