Vuitton or Goyard?

Goyard and Louis Vuitton totes

My friend Janet recently did a fun post about Louis Vuitton vs. Goyard. Both French design houses date to the mid-1800's.

La Maison Goyard began manufacturing in 1853, and was the artisan’s approach to the making of distinctive cases, trunks, luggage and handbags. Adhering to a traditional fabrication that remains unchanged to this day, all pieces are entirely hand-made in France.

Louis Vuitton began manufacturing in 1854, and was renowned for their trunks and luggage. Originally, the leather cases of Louis Vuitton were inlaid with the grey-colored canvas. In 1896, Georges, the son of Louis Vuitton, combined the initials of his father “L&V” with the flower pattern, designed the world renowned monogram canvas pattern. Entering into the 20th century, the company expanded in terms of locations and financial success.

Goyard’s unique hot stamping techniques enabled personalized monograms to be created, if desired, across a wide array of products and accessories.

In 1858, Monsieur Vuitton introduced his flat-bottom trunks with trianon canvas (they were lightweight and airtight)

I started buying LV in the 1980's. I was in my 20's and spent half of my paycheck to buy a bag, one at a time. Totally obsessed with LV for years. Then I discovered Goyard about 6 years ago and fell in love. I like the fact that you don't see many people wearing it. I do however still appreciate the vintage Louis Vuitton luggage/trunks.

My Goyard "Fidji" bag

Fact: Goyard is still a relatively small family-run company, only sold in France, its San Francisco shop, and Barney's New York. In some cases you have to wait as much as 3 months for the production of a specific style.

Fact: The Louis Vuitton Brand and the famous LV monogram are among the world's most valuable brands and are still hand made. It is the most heavily counterfeited brand in fashion history, with only 1% of all Louis Vuitton-branded items in circulation considered authentic.

FYI, I'm eyeballing this tote here. Love the colors of the stripes.

Okay, which French manufacturer do you prefer? Maybe both? Do you even like logo fashion? Do I appear biased?


As I mentioned on FrenchBlue, Goyard is on my wish list! Soon it will be a reality, I hope!
Nikki Cogg said…
I love both!! Goyard is new to me as well, I just discovered it a few years ago. LV's have been passed down through my family, we're such Vuitton lovers! My Grandmother had quite a few and has been giving them to her daughters and granddaughters over the years. I love the old and the new alike. Although the "LV" is not my personal monogram, it's one that I am proud to display as it represents part of my family's tradition. Thanks for doing such a fun post!
It's Goyard for me, as I told Janet...BUT..I really only like the vintage pieces (I expect a few of you out there will want to have me hung, drawn and quartered for that comment!!!) Although I wouldn't say no if someone wanted to give me either of them !!!! XXXX
Tee said…
I enjoyed this post so much! I'm an LV girl myself. Just like you, I fell hard for them in the 80's, and I'm still in love today. (I have a small satchel and a Never Full - both authentic from the LV store in Charlotte, NC). I've never seen a Goyard before, but it is gorgeous. Something new to wish for!
Stephanie said…
I don't own either but I like both. I went into both the RSH store for Goyard and Champs Elysses store for LV and it was a huge difference. Goyard was typically charming smaller gorgeous quaint Paris shop. I loved the outside of the store and it just looked like a proper luggage shop. LV was overrun with tourists and bling, but I wouldn't mind having some of that!

Question, how does the Goyard surface wear? Is it really painted on?
FrenchBlue said…
Miss PHB,
As you know, I am SO loyal to Goyard all the way through. I have to admit, unlike you, I have never been attracted to LV and I am not exactly sure why. I remember the day you first told me about Goyard..we looked at it on the internet and I did not see what the big deal was.... BUT the very moment I stepped foot into the Goyard store in Paris, I immediately fell in love. The history of this amazing lugguge was in front of my eyes and was being spoken to me in a very strong french accent. (this is why we both got our first that for you and one for me:) The store is the original and the Goyard family lived upstairs in the mid 1800's. It is still owned by the Goyard family. As Bonjour Madame said, there is no comparison when in Paris of these two stores. They are like night and day. I also love that they are so subtle and not big on the logo thing. Great grAte post my friend.
Barb said…
I am a true blue Goyard gal. Have been for years. I like the fact that most of their totes are very light so you really can throw lots in your bag.

I picked up my copy of RH's. What a wonderful article/interview.

Thanks to all of you for your comments.

Bonjour Madame, the canvas isn't painted on so doesn't wear. I'm rough on my bags and this stands the test of time. The only thing that does wear is if you have custom painting like stripes or monograms.
Gaia said…
At the moment I'd like a yellow or blue Goyard!
Unknown said…
Vuitton is always Vuitton,I can^t compare

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