Thanks Romantic Homes!

I just wanted to share that my home is the featured story and cover of the newest issue of Romantic Homes magazine. I'm blown away. To me it's just my little row house in foggy San Francisco...

Thanks to my dear friend Janet at FrenchBlue & Co. for writing the lovely story, and to Jacqueline deMontravel, the editor of Romantic Homes, for coming to my home and taking the photos. You gals are the BEST!

The 10-page story has photos of my collections, including my insane amount of hotel silver. It's actually been downsized a bit since the photos were shot. Too much silver to polish!

I love the fact that my wacky bright green bathroom was included. The house was built in 1939 and the kitchen and bathroom have their original tile, bathtub and sink. It's fun working with what you already have, as opposed to gutting it all. Gives it more character.

Well...thanks for letting me brag a bit. Actually, I'm quite humbled to be in this magazine. Kind of weird seeing your livingroom on the cover. It's the October issue...should be on newsstands now!

photos courtesy of Romantic Homes Magazine


Jackie said…
Congratulations!! Looks lovely - can't wait to get my copy!
How exciting and what a compliment...and richly deserved many copies have you bought !!!!
Well done and enjoy the glory. XXXX
Stephanie said…
I love your bathroom! It's such a great color. I'm happy you did not renovate it.
Wow, what a fabulous honour! I will buy and share. Love the hotel silver and the wacky green bathroom that is stunning. All the best and enjoy the notice....well deserved!
Oh wow, what an honor! You definitely deserve it, your home is gorgeous! Congrats!
FAB-U-LOUS! Congrads to you and your husband. I can't wait for my copy to arrive in the mail. Isn't Jacqueline so sweet?
Fabulous Finds Gal
Cherie said…
Applause, Applause, congratulations, your home is gorgeous, hope I can find the magazine here downundah ;)
The Glam Lamb said…
Congratulations!!! You have such talent, you are such an inspiration!
Shell Sherree said…
Gorgeous! Congratulations ~ and no wonder; beautiful things everywhere and arranged with an artistic eye. I love that you kept your original bathroom - it's spectacular. Bask away and lap it up!
Roberta said…
Congratulations! It's lovely!
xo Roberta
Di Overton said…
Your little house in the fog looks gorgeous.
Anonymous said…

I love browsing your online store and I can't wait to read the full article.

I did wonder about how long it took you to polish your silver. Then I saw your comment about downsizing your collection.

I imagine it's well worth the effort since softly gleaming silver is so gorgeous.

Cyn said…
I love your living room especially. And there are those hotel stools from your post a few days ago. Congratulations on the recognition of your fabulous style. I will be looking for the issue in the stores.
I can't wait to see this!

Funny about your silver--that's actually my husband's job at our house, and when he gets too lazy I end up packing it away for awhile, until he feels badly enough to dig it out and get buffing!
Congrats, Lynn! I thought your space deserved good attention - It is so beautiful and elegant!!! Also, I love the fact that it is well-edited and has just the right pieces...
I will buy this issue of magazine for sure!

PS: Cannot wait for my silver to arrive!

Congratulations!! You should be very have a lovely home. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of RH!

Thank you all for your nice comments! I am really most grateful that you take the time to read my blog. Take care!
Barb said…
Hi Lynn,

I am so excited for you. Your home looks absolutely lovely. I can't wait to get my issue.

Take care.

ah, congrats!
I can't wait to see it, Lynn. I know I will totally enjoy your feature, filled with all those yummy things you collect and sell! xoxo Lidy
Congratulations! After Curious Sofa being featured last month and you this month I'm going to have to subscribe. Hope business is going well!
Olga ~ Dancing Through Paris/ Alhambra Antiques

PS-LOVE your new hat stands!
Junque Couture said…
NOT just a LITTLE row house! Have been following you for a long time! I love Romantic Homes, quite the compliment!
Fargerike Dagny said…
How awesome is that bathroom?? Your house is just beautiful, thank you so much for sharing!!
Beth said…
Congratulations! How exciting. You have a beautiful home. It really shows your creativity.
WOW, this is just fantastic! I love every shot, and having seen your home in person, can only add to this by saying I wish they had shown MORE! Your collections are staggering and are only eclipsed by your great taste! Congrats, Lynn, that's huge!
Thank you all again. thank you thank you!! Means a lot to me!!!

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