I’m gushing over the fact that it’s my grandmother’s 100th birthday today! She is the most special lady-- not just a “grandma,” but more like a mother to me.

When my cousin was an infant, she couldn't pronounce "Granny" and kept saying "Bannie." My grandmother thought it was cute, and the name "Bannie" was born.

my grandmother, siblings & parents

Born August 28, 1909 in San Francisco, the daughter of Romanian immigrants, Tillie has lived a humbled life of 100 years in the city of San Francisco. A century of stories she has to share. And, let me tell you, at 100, her mind is as sharp as a tack!

My grandparents at Stinson Beach in 1931. They were still courting.

She met my sweet grandfather Stanley in 1930 and got married in 1932. They were married for 66 years and my Papa passed away.

Tillie & Stanley Batt - Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco 1932

My grandparents were married at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. From this photo it looks like they were from a wealthy family. Not so. Working class families. As my grandmother tells me, in those days things were not as expensive and they saved and saved for special occasions.

Giving. Generous. Sweet. Outgoing. Curious. Selfless. Wise. Bannie has the spirit of a young person. She is excitable and the smallest of things make her happy. If I've inherited just a portion of the qualities she has, I'm grateful.

So today marks 100 for Bannie...a Centurion! This cake above makes me think of Bannie. Fit for a queen!

Tomorrow we will be having a party at her house with family & friends. I can hardly wait! We've been decorating up a storm!

Thank you Bannie for giving me all you had to give. Driving me home from school every day. Attending every single dance recital or concert I was in. Letting me torture you on vacations by dragging you out for hot fudge sundaes when you really didn't want to leave the motel. Letting me bring my laundry over in garbage bags and you having it all ready-- hanged and perfectly pressed!



LiLi M. said…
How special! Happy, happy birthday to your grandmother! Hope you all have a terrific party tomorrow, warm wishes from afar!
Unknown said…
Amazing!Happy Birthday to your wonderful Grandma!The pictures are so touching and so beautiful.You are one lucky girsl to have this incredable lady for your Grandmother :-))). Mani kind wishes your way.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday to Tillie and best wishes! She is an amazing woman - gracious, delightful and so full of life. To reach 100 is a significant milestone! I know she will have a great party thanks to all the work you've done to make it special Lynn. Can't wait to hear all about the festivities! Karen
Anonymous said…
What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to your Bannie! I hope she has a very special 100th birthday! Please make sure to post some pics of the celebration. Enjoy!
FrenchBlue said…

My Lynn,
Oh gosh...let me see if I can type through these tears... This post grabbed my heart at hello! You did such a BEAUTIFUL tribute for your BANNIE!! I wish her today 100 stars to wish upon and the moon to swing in~ Thank you Beautiful Bannie for being the heart of my Best Friend{who is just like you}, for loving her and being there for her every need. Happy 100th Birthday BEAUTIFUL QUEEN BANNIE!!!!
Unknown said…
awww happy birthday to bannie!! how wonderful!
i love to hear about someone who has witnessed 100 years of change in a given city...imagine what she's seen and where she's come from. she is certainly filled with amazing memories!
Rebecca Snavely said…
What a beautiful and inspiring woman! I just read this quote on Reverie - "There is a fountain of youth: It is your mind, your talents,
the creativity you bring in your life and the lives of people you love." ~ Sophia Loren

It seems fitting.

Cyn said…
What a beautiful lady, inside and out. Her influence on you is evident. A wonderful tribute. The photos remind me of some I have of my grandparents from their honeymoon in Santa Monica in the late 1920s. Hope you have a great birthday celebration and may you have a long and happy life like Banny.
What a remarkable feat and what stories she must tell. I wish her well.If she lived in the U.K. she would get a letter from the Queen.Do people in the U.S, on reaching 100, get anything like that ?
What a beautiful post! A big happy birthday to your grandmother. She seems like such a special woman and you're so lucky to have her in your life! Thanks so much for sharing these photos with us!
Unknown said…
oh how wonderful and what a milestone- congrats Bannie- still beautiful..
What a fabulous tribute to read on a rainy Friday afternoon! I love this story of Bannie and would love to hear all her stories. You are remarkably lucky to have such a gracious influence in your life.
She will be the belle of the ball tomorrow at her party and will be tickled pink with all the deserving attention. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BANNIE!!!!!!!!
Fargerike Dagny said…
Wow, you're so lucky to still have her around!! Happy bday to Bannie!!! :D
Anonymous said…
way to go Bannie! From one of your future friends!
What a beautiful grandma you have! You are soooo lucky!!!
Best Wishes to your grandmother!
Hope you will have an amazing time at that party!

What a wonderful tribute to your very special Bannie!

Wishing her a spectacular birthday!
Thank you friends for your most beautiful wishes! I read the comments tonight to my grandmother and some family friends. They loved them! Tomorrow is the big party, so more celebrating.

I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. It's been an emotional day, as she had been really sick a month ago and we didn't know if she'd make it to 100.

SO, thanks again from myself and BANNIE!!

xo Lynn
Anonymous said…
Happy Centurion birthday to your Bannie! Have a great party!

Coincidentally, it was also my son's 23rd yesterday. I can't understand how it happened, so soon.
irene said…
A beautiful tribute for a beautiful person.
You are blessed to have that kind of love in your life for so long.

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