I Need These!

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa rain boots, here.


Jacqueline said…
What a fabulous wesite, Lynn.
Those boots are great and I love the gold buttons with the Vivienne Westwood logo..... and, they are not as expensive as I thought they would be, considering Vivienne Westwood is involved !!
Have a wonderful weekend, Lynn. XXXX
BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Lynn,
I could use a pair of these, it is rainy and cold here in Paris right now!
Bonne week-end!
I'd wear them even if it isn't raining. Cute and stylish as can be. XO
Love the boots!!! Very stylish.
Bonjour Madame said…
Yes, you do need them. They are very chic.
sinnlighet said…
Ohhhh I just have to make some Swedish footsteps behind me.

Your blog is fantastic, me like like!

Agneta, a swedish one o;)
Elizabeth said…
those are amazing!!! loving the detail of the orb on the buttons.
Oh love these are so amaing I am in love I need them as well. kiss::kiss
nichole said…
Love, love your blog! So glad I stumbled here!
Mélanie said…
Very chic

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