MEGA Birthday Giveaway!!

photo credit: Star Bakery

Oh my, I'm turning the big 5-0... yes, it's true. So...time for a


Fabulous gifts for 3 lucky winners...

Mindy Weiss's "The Ultimate Wedding Planner" & Kai Perfume Oil

Mindy Weiss is one of the most sought after event planners in the United States. With a top-selling book, a product line, a gourmet market and so much more, Mindy has planned some of the largest galas in Hollywood history.

You may have married years ago, but here's a great gift for a bride-to-be! Mindy is generously offering "The Ultimate Wedding Organizer." Such a pretty blue, isn't it? The planner (complete with handles) is designed to hold everything from paperwork to swatches, and is only available at Mindy's e-store. AND, that's not all. She's offering a bottle of the yummy, Kai perfume oil. Love it!

IOMOI's stationary gift set

IOMOI is one of the most coveted lines of stylish custom stationery, invitations and home accessories in the country. I'm a huge fan! Owners Irene Chen and Matthew Grenby's "timeless classics with a modern twist," have been featured in nearly 500 publications from Elle Decor to Vogue magazine.

They are generously offering one of my favorite items; The perfect gift set featuring "Ling the Elephant." The set consists of 10 (5x7 flat) cards, envelopes, and a bamboo pen. Packaged in twine, it's lovely in person!

And, from yours truly... I'm offering a $50 gift certificate toward any item at Paris Hotel Boutique. $50 for 50 years old!!

How Do You Enter?

• Simply leave a comment below, "What would be your dream birthday gift?" It doesn't have to be a physical item. Anything that you would wish for, even something impossible. Remember... it's a wish! Go crazy!

• Mindy, Irene and Matthew will randomly pick 3 numbers to determine the winners.

• Post this giveaway on your blog and you can enter a second time!

• The entries can be made until Saturday, February 27th (my birthday), and the winners will be announced on Monday, March 1st.

BIG THANKS to Mindy, Irene & Matthew for generously offering these goodies! And good luck to all!

photos from Mindy Weiss & Iomoi


Anonymous said…
Generous, wonderful you, Happy Birthday!

My dream birthday gift would be a surprize trip to Paris with a loved one.
Happy Birthday. My dream birthday gift would be a 2CV (burgundy and black in colour).

Leeann x
Dear Lynn,
Oh, you're just a bay. I'm SOoooo much older that that !! Who cares though. We can't stop time so we must embrace it.You look wonderful for 50. I bet that you will be something wonderful for your birthday, won't you ? I look forward to hearing all about it.
As I am getting on in years now !! haha... I think that my dream birthday gift is just having all of my family with me. There is nothing materialistic that I yearn for or places to visit. Whatever happens on my birthday, I'm just so pleased to be with the ones that I love....sorry to be so sickly, mushy and sentimental, but it's true !!
Thanks for the most wonderful giveaway. You are a generous soul, Lynn.
I'll put your giveaway on my sidebar. XXXX
Hi Lynn!
Just stopped by to acknowledge your big 50. Have a wonderful day! Now you'll be fab over fifty!!!!!!My perfect gift? A Flat in Paris. I have a shop so don't pick me.Maryanne:)
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Miss Lynn! You don't look a day over 40 and your interest in new things will keep you younger than most for many years to come! My dream birthday? A gathering with all my friends and family around me -- hits from my youth 70/80's, dancing until very late, sharing memories of the dumb things we survived. Have a great birthday and thanks for sharing the fun!!!
Karen C.
Toni said…
A worldwide shopping spree!!! Posh planes ready with Champagne ready to whisk you away to your next purchase! What could be better? Paris, Dubai, Florence, Milan, London, Barcelona!!
Courtney Laine said…
I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

My dream gift would be a trip, especially Greece, Morocco or India. I love to travel, and there are so many places am dying to see but I just never have the time...and the few times I have taken a trip something always comes up with my business that makes me anxious to return home.

Ok, so maybe my dream gift would just be the luxury of free time, without needing to check in on my email or voice mail constantly!
Unknown said…
Oh! Thank you for sharing your birthday with us! Hope you'll share pictures of your lovely party too!
My dream birthday gift would be the ability to grant wishes!
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday Lynn! I think my dream gift would be... plane tix and a fabulous hotel... where? The land of croissants! Paireee!
Cashon&Co said…
Can I wish for a combo birthday present? Mine would be: on a serious note, all my health problems to disappear so I can enjoy life more and when that happens THEN I would want a few plane tickets (1st class hopefully) to Paris for shopping (with an enormous budget) with my girlfriends, then have my family meet me and the four of us travel throughout Europe (with an enormous budget) and be like a refined version of the Grizwalds...that's my birthday wish. ☺I hope your birthday wishes come true!♥
happy-happy birthday...have fun!
On A Lark said…
Happy Birthday! I actually had my dream birthday 2 years ago, a surprise trip to Pris with my husband. Not sure I can dream any bigger or better than that!!!
vicki archer said…
The dream birthday is waking up each year to celebrate another. Haappy, happy and most wonderful of birthdays for you Lynn. Thinking of you on the 27th, xxv
Unknown said…
happy birthday! my dream birthday gift would be a VACATION... a rrip somewhere pretty and beachy =)
Cathi said…
What a wonderful giveaway, Happy 50th(almost)'re just a baby! haha....I'll be 53 this year and am loving this time of my life! My mom's birthday is on the 28th!

My dream gift would be a trip to London,The Cotswolds,Paris or Italy!

Happy weekend,Lynn! xxoo
La Dolfina said…
A Mega Happy Birthday to you!!
Welcome to the 5th decade, you're going to love it!
My dream birthday wish would be a kidney & pancreas for my wonderful brother.
tckkid said…
Congratulations on the 5-0!

My dream birthday gift would probably be to spend a year working in a local nonprofit in Indonesia - and I'm working on it as a birthday gift to myself!
Pattycake said…
Happy birthday, Lynn,
My favorite birthday gift would be to go back to the day my husband of 38 years and I shared our first kiss. As he said later, "That was hello".
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LYNN!! My dream birthday gift would be a home near my oldest daughter in San Fran!
Corine said…
Happy Birthday next Saturday :) It's so nice that you are giving us a gift instead of the other way around.
My dream trip would be a 5 years year off with my family to travel the world...starting with Paris (like Ms Smart)!
I love your blog, its gorgeous :)
Dumbwit Tellher said…
First & foremost - Happy Birthday Lynn. Welcome to the 50's club. It comes so quickly does it not?!

I'm with Jacqueline - I think to have all my children together again for even a few days would be the greatest gift of all. My eldest son turned 26 yesterday. How I would of loved to have celebrated with him. Wishing you the best decade ahead ever.

All my best to you, deb
Dumbwit Tellher said…
I left a link on my blog sidebar for bloggers to enter your fabulous giveaway here -

Cheers to you! deb
Unknown said…
Oh Lynn! What fun, Happy Birthday to you!!!

Gorgeous giveaway, it's all so beautiful :)

Since we're wishing big here, I have the best memories of my Mother and one of those is sitting on the top of the Eiffel Tower on a trip there with her (our last one together) and sipping coffee and talking for hours. It was cold and breezy, and beautiful. My Birthday wish would be to spend just one more beautiful evening with her. Just sipping coffee and talking.

Happy 50th Lynn!!!!! Much love :)
Pearl said…
My dream birthday gift would be a relaxing day on a beautiful tropical island with all the people I love in my life.

Your blog is so oh la la! Happy Birthday to you!
Unknown said…
My dream birthday gift would be a trip to the Paris flea market, and to travel there by private plane stocked with champagne and my closest girlfriend along for the ride. Oh, and win something from your site : )
Hi Lynn,
All the best for a fabulous birthday to you!

My dream would be to live a life of leisure in Marseille with my husband, dog (Zeke) and 3 cat... and did I mention I love gelato, shrimp spaghetti & cheese? ~ all of those included too with no worrying about calories.

Have a blast however you celebrate your special day. xo~Tracie
Happy 50th!!!! You will it a most amazing time to be alive :)

My dream gift was always to move to Mexico to live by the beach and be able to make art every day. This is no longer my dream because LW my most amazing soul mate&life partner gave me that gift for my 50th birthday!!!!! And you know what, my life is sooooo much more then I ever dreamed of!! :)So don't let anyone ever tell your dreams can never will come true!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.
FrenchBlue said…
Dear Lynn,



Happy 50th Birthday!
The fun has just begun!
I can't wait to celebrate with you! Don't forget... Remember, embracing is the key~

My dream birthday would be to stay HOME in my new VS chocolate covered cherry pj's ALL DAY...All my family & close friends & some of my blogging friends too came over for cupcakes & tea! AND the phone didn't ring all day!


ArtistJess said…
happy birthday! my dream birthday gift would be a LONG trip to europe or some beachy tropical destination :)
My dream gift would be to either fall in love or be able to travel to Europe or something. :)

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com
drub-b said…
My dream birthday gift would be a trip to Morocco, or Tibet, or Nepal. But more importantly, Happy Birthday to you, and many more.
Anonymous said…
My dream birthday gift: certain someone in Miami changes his mind [and, I'm afraid, his entire character...] and calls me out of the blue!

Happy round birthday, Lynn!
Anonymous said…
Hello Lynn, saturday is my birthday too!!! I love the number 27, my son's bday is 4/ happy birthday to you!!!
My dream birthday gift would be a small house in Martha's Vineyard.
K. said…
My dream birthday gift would be a few days at a luxe hotel.
Tammie Ramberger said…
My dream birthday gift would be to to have the joy of the new love my husband and I once had, and with that, go to Paris.
Happy Birthday & Congratulations!
I too would love a trip abroad... but {just in case my husband is wondering} for this birthday I really want a Diana Mini Camera {because who wouldn't want a camera with their name on it - especially when it can take such nostalgic looking photos}
Thanks for the opportunity to enter this competition. I blogged about it here
Cheers - Diana
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday to you!!! My dream birthday gift you be a trip to somewhere warm!! thanks for the great giveaway!!

allison.leman {at} gmail {dot} com
Mélanie A. said…
my finger crossed. I want to win ... S'il vous plait
amy said…
happy happy birthday!

my dream birthday wish would be to travel to several destinations with a group of my friends. Dublin, London, Paris, Rome, Athens, Sydney, Honolulu.
Have lots of food, laughs and hopefully, sun!

thank you!
leman.amy at gmail dot com
Fargerike Dagny said…
I'm in! My dream gift would be to get little baby Stella to take the bottle, so I could go on more dates with Mr B!! :D
Just entering again because of the blog
Happy Birthday fellow Picean (mine is on the 1st of March), my birthday wish would be to move back home to Paris...but since the man I love is in London I'm staying here...for now - until he learns french ;-)
Shelley said…
My dream birthday gift would be a shopping and lunch excursion with my daughter and then an amazing dinner with the rest of my family. I think the simple things are what I cherish the most.
Stephanie said…
Happy Birthday! My dream birthday would be family, friends, and lots of good food at my beach house. I don't really have a beach house, that is part of the dream. :-)
madwoman-doing-cartwheels said…
Happy Birthday in advance! I also have a February birthday only I turned the big six-OH!

My dream birthday would be to shave 30 years off my actual age for about 30 days and see if i couldn't redo some choices a little differently.

rubymoonstone at gmail dot com
Heather said…
So hard to decide! A remodeled kitchen is one dream, a trip to Paris is another. Probably what I would dream most for is for a trip to Paris with my hubby, just the two of us.
Diana Brito said…
I am turning 50 this year as well.

What I would like as a gift would be a summer in Paris in a wonderful Parisian apartment. You know the kind with the tall windows and the shutters that open outward toward a boulevard of trees and a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Happy Birthday...
Di from San Francisco
Lisa Jones said…
Happy Birthday, what a great thing to be celebrating!! Hope I'm where I want to be at 50 too.
My dream gift would be a flea-market shopping spree in France.
Lauren said…
Happy birthday! My dream gift would be a trip around the world (and maybe the time off to take it!)
Anonymous said…
A trip to Italy!
Jeluxury said…
Happy Birthday Lynn!

Would it still be a gift if I am the one giving it on my birthday? I would love to take my loving mother to Dubai for a week, to experience the gorgeous country on a personal level and not on business level. Any day or time with my mom is a gift.

I will also repost this on my blog this Wednesday…it is an honor to write about you Lynn.


Happy birthday!!! I am loving your blog.

Anything for my bday? A trip around the world. Fun to dream.

Deena said…
My dream birthday would be to gather all my family together on a resort island in the Caribbean and enjoy each other's company and have fun together. For my next birthday I'd like to travel back in time with you to '30s or '40s San Francisco!
imoldfashioned said…
Happy Birthday!

My dream birthday present would be an antique cameo.
Anonymous said…
My best Birthday will be next year when I celebrate my first birthday as a married woman with my new husband in my new home.
lisa golightly said…
Happy Birthday dear girl !!

My 16 yr old daughter has been working hard saving money and studying french at school...all in preparation to go to Paris one day. Since our birthdays are one month apart ... what a wonderful gift for both of us ! A little pied a terre for the summer ( or more ) with an unlimited budget and unlimited number of family and friends visiting ... and a 'little' champagne. THAT would be a dream come true !

Unknown said…
Have a happy and inspiring birthday Lynn!! Although I know the 50th is a bit hard to swallow (mine was last week!) I know you will do it with style and grace. Enjoy!
Stephanie J said…
Happy Birthday!

Dream gift? One of those Jonathan Adler leather hippo ottomans. Or a cute English boy who wears sweaters and be my one and only! :)
Tina-Marie said…
Happy, Happy Birthday!
My 50th birthday was last May, and I was dreading it. So, my mom (who turned 70 two weeks before I turned 50)booked a cottage through Mermaid Cottages Vacation Rentals (they are fabulous...check them out on Facebook) on Tybee Island, Georgia. It was a fabulous week exploring the island and Savannah with my mom. So my best gift - the time I spent with her.
Noel Solomon said…
I LOVE Kai parfume.
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Lynn
Happy Birthday.. looking at the image in the sidebar I hope I look so happy and vibrant at 50 [not long now]

Well I feel a little guilty entering as I only found your blog this week.. but I think I'd wish to return to Italy.. and take some best buddies with me to complete the joy!! could you wrap that up for me? ha ha.. Have a great birthday whatever you do.. Julie
My dream birthday gift would be a surprise getaway that my hubby planned just for me!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Shannon said…
Happy Birthday!

My dream birthday gift would be a small, private house on the ocean :)
♥ Donna Vitan said…
That's so lovely! My birthday is coming up in March so now would be a good time to start dreaming up some great wishes. I'm not so big on item gifts, I've always enjoyed my birthday with great family and friends, drinks and food! Since this is a wish, I'd love to have enough to give back and take care of my parents!
Janet said…
Happy birthday! Hope it is fabulous!

My dream gift? A sunny beach house in Santa Barbara!
Happy Birthday! My dream birthday gift would be a whole house interior redesign by any of my fav interior designers.
Pattycake said…
Dear Lynn,
Lilly the beagle and I wish you great happiness for your birthday!
Carol Ludwig said…
Happy Birthday Lynn , hope its a fabulous one too !
My dream birthday gift hands down would be Tom Selleck wearing a tool belt, cooking me dinner after just vacuuming the whole house.
Oh yes....
edina said…
Have a fabulous birthday! Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the giveaway. My dream birthday gift would be a month-long trip to Europe!
Lisa said…
An astin martin vanquish! :-)
SmallRedBirdFliesFar said…
The ultimate "Dream Birthday Gift" for me would be to have a great paying job doing temp work around the world-then being able to come home to the beach where I have always lived.
Allison Shops said…
Happy Birthday!

My dream gift would be a return trip to Tuscany with my DH and three adult children, staying in a lovely villa.
Happy Birthday to you Lynn. 50's a great age. Just found your blog. I lived in Paris for 4 years as a child. Would love to go back now.
My wish would be that my dad doesn't have cancer. He's 82.
Thanks for sharing your birthday with us. Have a Wonderful party!!!!
Anna said…
Happy Birthday Lynn! I hope you enjoyed your birthday cake (wink and nudge). Your husband is so sweet and I think we came up with something terrific for you.

My dream birthday gift would be all the time in the world to make art.... and then just as much time to spend with my fiance. I'll keep dreaming!

Anna T.
Betty said…
Happy Birthday, Lynn! I hope that you find that your 50s are fabulous years.

My dream vacation would be a return to Paris and its flea markets. I would use the French that I have been learning since I retired and enjoy the vendors and the wonderful settings.

In honor of your birthday I am buying one of your accessories that I have wanted.
Oooooh! I NEED that $50 gift certificate. My birthday wish: to win that $50 gift certificate. :) J/K. It's gonna sound cheesy, but if birthday wishes really came true, I would wish for the ability to believe in myself no matter what: confidence without question. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Happy Birthday, Lynn. 50 Years of Wonderful!

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