The Magical World of Lisa Golightly

Designer. Artist. Creator. Mom. Friend. If you don't know Lisa, let me introduce her to you.

Lisa Vincent aka Lisa Golightly is one of the most talented gals I know. We met about 11 years ago, both selling on eBay. Lisa used to paint these amazing signs that stirred up massive bidding wars on eBay. I am more than sure that Lisa gets the credit for starting the "sign movement" that swept the nation! I swear that the reproductions you see in stores like Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs were the influence of Lisa.
Lisa's early work (above) from the eBay days...

I really don't know where to begin since Lisa has her hands in so many things. Whenever we talk, she is in the middle of some new, exciting creation.

Like these whimsical lady prints...

Or vintage ashtrays that Lisa adds her own design... (My spoiled little Vito uses a large one as a water bowl)

What inspires Lisa? Memories from her childhood travels. The ocean. The past. Dreamy glamorous things like fashion, old hotels, movies and music. "If I can't go somewhere or wear something, I will attempt painting it! I love living in my imagination and want to take others there with me." - Lisa

Lisa created this amazing cinema sign from scratch. Can you imagine? It was even featured in a room on Extreme Home Makeover.

She also sells at the Alameda Antiques Faire. Look at this photo she altered, alerting you of her booth number. Creative, huh?

Lisa creates lovely vintage-inspired jewelry...I actually received this necklace as a gift from a dear friend!

Lisa has a blog that is enchanting, and online shop that has many of her one-of-a-kind creations, including some vintage finds...

How about these vintage style portraits that Lisa painted? How does she do that?

So, I'm scratching the surface here. I'm thrilled to call Lisa a friend, and always look forward to chatting with her about what whimsical creation she's working on. And, she's very sweet as well!

You can find Lisa on her blog here, and her shop here. Lisa also sells some of her wares on The Paris Apartment's website here.

photos from Lisa Golightly


Lisa is very talented!!! I love her work, especially loved the whimsical lady print. I went over and visited her blog, thanks so much for sharing.
Thanks for stopping by our blog, loved reading your comment.
WOW, Lynn,
What a clever lady, Lisa is. I love all of it....especially the ashtray and cinema sign.....she is so diverse. XXXX
What a lovely post Lynn, this gal just has talent to spare. Thank you for sharing and highlighting this creative artist and blogger. Xo
a. said…
I love Lisa. Great post!
Cashon&Co said…
That necklace is to die for!! Ya'll both Rock
lisa golightly said…
Lynn, I am humbled and flattered all at the same time ( flumbled ? ). So fun to go down memory lane ... and you were there the whole time ! You are not only a mentor but a wonderful friend. Thank you !!!
ceecee said…
I'm off to visit the very talented Ms. Golightly. Thanks, Lynn.

Unknown said…
Hi Lynn,
What an amazing post about such an amazing artist! I've long admired her and her work. That cinema sign has been the topic of discussion for a while over here at chez Paris Atelier, mostly me begging for it and my husband saying no! Great post!!!
La Dolfina said…
I had no idea of the talent she possessed!! I'm so thrilled to have her so close and cannot wait to meet her in person!! I had the wonderful pleasure of chatting with her recently and it was wonderful!!!
I would love to get the 3 of us together one day. Oh what fun we'd have :)
Lauren said…
That necklace is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing Lisa's work, just lovely!
FrenchBlue said…
I Adore Her! Beautiful tribute to Lisa Lynn!
Tiffani said…
I love her work! Especially the one with women in the dress and the saying, "Know who you are..." It would totally make a great Mantra Monday! xo
vicki archer said…
What beautiful work Lisa creates...xv
Lisa (er, Missa Gorightry!) is unbelievably talented. If I had 1/10th her talent, I'd still be good! Thanks for your feature on her, and I really enjoy your blog! -Jg.
One Cheap B*tch said…
What an amazing artist!

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