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The work of Martine Roch is truly whimsical! Martine is an artist-illustrator-photographer, based in Dijon, France. Her work is a collaboration of antique photographs and photos she takes herself that are all digital.

The Elegant Nanny


Martine loves her animals as you can see. And playful stories accompany each photo.

Her muse is her famous female Labrador 'Boudi'.

Boudi is "pretty in pink"


If you want more fun, please visit Martine on Flickr, or on her website.
Her cards, notebooks and other products are available here.

All Photos: Martine Roch


Cashon&Co said…
Those are hilarous! And it's funny how each animal really goes with the personality of the body. I like the ram and the lab in the dress. incredible. :)
La Dolfina said…
Thanks for starting off my day with lots of smiles!!!
Those are so cute!!! I just joined as a follower, I thought I had already done that, I love your blog and always enjoy visiting it.
Meg Mitchell said…
My favorite is Boudi. Great blog.
Unknown said…
I adore these! What a talent, npw I want one of my little Daisy. I think the Pierrot is my favorite.
Mélanie A. said…
You are right , it is so funny and full of Humor
I've seen these before, Lynn. They're fabulous aren't they ? XXXX
ceecee said…
Love Martine's photos. Especially Boudi and Pierrot. Hilarious and pretty at the same time.

BardotinBlue said…

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I have to admit it is an honor as I have known your blog for sometime now! Strangely though I had never taken the time to browse the boutique but now that I have I am coveting at least half of the pieces of furniture for my apartment :-)

A bientot!
xoxo BardotinBlue

P.S. Part II of the Alice in Printemps Wonderland post with all the fashion vitrines is now up so stop by and check it out!

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