Yard Sale Mapper - Sweet!

Thanks to my friend Melissa at Ruby Press for emailing this great new site called, YardSaleTreasureMap.com. I know that many of you including myself, end up getting terribly lost when we are "yard sailing." Even with Mapquest or a GPS, it could take a lot of time to enter in each address, and you end up backtracking because you don't know the area. Well, not anymore!

If you have an iPhone, the "Yard Sale Mapper" application maps out listings of yard sales and estate sales from Craigslist, and helps plan your trip in the order you choose.

If you don't have an iPhone (like me), the application allows you to print out your own paper directions. And it's free!

Happy Hunting!


You are always so on-top of all the current things Lynn. This is a great tool and think of all the women you have made happier today! And with a tresure map.Xo
I just had a cupcake in her honour, no really and it is the first in years. A friend dropped off 4 for my bithday (better than bring 56!) and I had one for mine and one for Janet. I am now in a sweetness coma as a fellow blogger recently said. Got to go to sleep now........great tribute to that gorgeous friend we all know and love.
Mélanie A. said…
It is a fantastic tool...
I have to check if it exists for France
Cashon&Co said…
okay, that just went on my bookmark bar. How Cool!! I can't wait to test it out next week!

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