Valentine's Giveaway!

Valentine's Day is around the corner, so let's celebrate by having a giveaway, shall we?
What are the goodies???

There are 3 lucky winners!

1st & 2nd PLACE winners each get 30 assorted vintage/antique French postcards.

3rd PLACE winner receives a box of Charbonnel & Walker (from the U.K.) 'Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles.' I just adore the box!

To enter, simply leave a comment below about what you love best about Valentines Day. Love to hear your stories of love and sweets!
  • The entries can be made until Sunday, February 7th, and the winners will be announced on Monday's post.
  • International readers are more than welcome
  • 3 winners will be chosen via
  • Please make sure and include your blog link or email me your contact info so that I can contact you after the giveaway.
Good Luck!!

Audrey Hepburn photo from here


Joanne Angelina said…
Valentine's Day...often we see the typical chocolate-giving and/or rose-lavishings. Regardless, I find the one that simply clutches my heart is when I hear a loved one say that not only is that particular day special, but for all the other ones that we share for as long as we live.It's the simplest things that could brighten everything. To see that loved one make that extra effort, cleaning up around the house, or even just simply writing a poem, is so endearing. Even better, when you look into his eyes and you feel that burning passion and love which engulfs you throughout, where he then says those three words, that is all I ever need in this lifetime.
The Fab Miss B said…
Best Valentine's day gift I ever got was a banjo from my hubby! He makes me feel loved every single day.
DesertChildAZ said…
What I love about Valentine's Day...THIS Valentine's Day, in that it's our first Valentine's Day as a married couple. :) It has even more meaning for me now.
Let me just say, you are beyond fabulous for offering such a giveaway! The postcards are divine, BUT the champagne truffles just speak to my soul!

Valentine's Day is my absolute favorite holiday of the year! I was given my beloved pug 13 years ago, the same exact day I met the man of my dreams (McDreamy!). And my sweet crumb was born 7 days before the day of love. February is by far the greatest month in my life, for everything that I love the most was given to me or walked into my life during this glorious month of love.
Cathi said…
What beautiful cards and well, the chocolate is definitely calling to me..:) I was just de-cluttering some boxes at my home last week and I found quite a few Valentines cards from both of my kids...My faves were the handmade ones - they are so precious!! My kids are grown now, but their cards definitely brought back a lifetime of memories and put a big smile on my face! :) Fabulous giveaway! :) xxoo
Joy Jenkins said…
My favorite thing in the world is Chocolate !!! Yrs. ago I bought some of the most wonderful box'es of Valentine candy early for everyone it was so good I ate 5 box'es and gained 10 LBS , and had to go and get more , but it was worth it , I would do it again !!! I think thats a great ideal !
Dear Lynn,
Firstly, I'm so sorry that I've missed a couple of your posts...I have been a little busy and, as soon as you get behind with your comments, it seems to take ages to catch up, doesn't it ?...and now I feel awful as I'm back just in time for one of your fabulous giveaways !!
If there is one thing I really love, it's a vintage greeting card. My dad died in 2008 and we have just sold his house. We are just clearing the loft out and I found my Mum's 21st birthday cards and their wedding cards from the 30's and hundreds of love letters from when my dad was away in the war....they are so lovely.
Also, my husband buys me a box of Charbonnel and Walker Pink Champagne Truffles ( and they have to be the pink ones !!) every friday. They are the best.
Thanks for the lovely, romantic giveaway, Lynn and many thanks for your birthday wishes. XXXX
Sacheverelle said…
Valentine's Day has always been my favorite holiday (even if it is just a "Hallmark holiday"). I love the color red & the tsate of good chocolate, plus it's an opportunity to express fondness for the people in your life without spending a ton of money.
It's a win-win.
Jo Bryan said…
What a fab giveaway. I dont think I have ever had a box of chocolates that look like that very pretty and the cards so beautiful.

For me Valentines day is an anniversary so always special. I had a very bad relationship and spent a really sad and lonely time before I met my now husband, I was also inferile and faced a life I thought of being alone and not able to give my huge heart full of love to children.

I met my husband at work, we fell in love and he said he wanted me whatever happened, we could adopt and everything would be good, just before Valentines day he said we were going to Paris, I nearly fell over in shock. He had saved for a car and used the money to go.
We went and he took me to Sacre Couer, where we lit candles and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.
Now years on I also have the miracle of IVF twins and each Vaentines Day I am still bowled over by the love I have and the love I can give.

Sorry went on a bit.
Hapy Valentines day everybody.
I adore Valentine's Day as I am a romantic at heart.

But I also love the unexpected like noticing that my partner has left me a message on our wee blackboard in the kitchen that says "I love you more and more each day!"

Every day I look at it I smile and think how lucky I am to have found the "right one" for moi.

decoratorlb said…
Valentine's Day is very special indeed. I like to go through past Valentines from my husband and children all throughout the year.
What I love best is that we have been through 39 of them together! And the young ones tell us we are goofy romantic all the time. It works.
Valentine's Day is fun to celebrate with my husband and daughter! We usually both receive flowers from him and we go out to dinner. It is a special day for us!

Kimberly said…
Memories are what I like the best! I can remember getting a pack of 30 cards plus one for the teacher, signing each one and then putting it in the little envelope. That day at school was so special. Some years I got to add candy hearts and loved picking out which person would get which word!
Love your blog!
Vær våken said…
I love to celebrate Valentine's day at home with my love. Romantic dinner...some red wine and choklad and the evening is perfect!!
What fabulous giveaways!!! I love Valentine's Day, my husband usually will give me roses and then we go out for dinner. The best part is, he makes me feel special all the time.
Anonymous said…
I am very excited about this valentines day. My fiance and I are going to cook dinner together. We both have busy schedules and this day is going to be just us sharing time together. :)
Anonymous said…
What I love most about Valentine's Day is helping my 7 year old daughter make V- cards for all of her friends and classmates. She is very particular and is always worried that the names be spelled correctly.
It is a wonderful creative time that is just for the 2 of us.
I also love that my husband who works at home will always disappear for an hour and "surprise" me with flowers. It's sweet and predictable as well as very loving.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!
Stacey Haskell said…
Valentine's day reminds people to celebrate the ones they love
~like they should everyday!
Anonymous said…
What I really like best about it is giving my mom and my best friends funny cards. We always have a good laugh over a silly card. My boyfriend is very anti-commercial so he has spoiled the ooeygooey part of it for me, but I have the happy memories of the 22 years with my late husband to keep me warm. C'est la vie! C'est l'amour!
Kaliharo said…
15 Years ago, I wore red for the 1st time and took a chance- went to see this guy I had recently met, and have been with him ever since. Oh yea, I love Valentine's Day. xxoo
edina said…
What I love best is that Valentine's Day is also my husband's birthday so we have multiple reasons to celebrate!
Beth said…
As a collector of vintage postcards, I'm loving the ones you're offering in your giveaway. For me, Valentine's Day is a chance to celebrate my special friends. I like to make my own Valentines -- each one as unique as my loved ones are.
Ms. Smart said…
I love red! I love candy! I love love! I love fancy! Did I miss anything? :)

This year, I am my own Valentine. I am attending a five course wine pairing dinner solo.

May you all be loved.
Donna O said…
What I love most about Valentine's Day....

a. Old men carrying bouquets home
b. Belgian chocolates and French champagne
c. Bubble baths
d. The love you feel in the air as real as rain

Thank you for your giveaway and your inspiring photos and words....looking forward to reading more.
I am totally having an anti-valentines day this year - I'm asingle girl who often get's the "aaaaaaw! I'm sure the right man is just around the corner"sad faced looks from smug happy twosomes! This year I'm committing the day to myself - bring on the bubble bath, champagne and chocolates all for the person I love best in this world! :)
Janice Selby said…
Oh what I love about valentine's Day is all the beautiful velvet boxes. I love using vintage valentine's & old boxes to recreate a memory for friends & family. I really like buying the velvet & heart shaped boxes after valentine's day 50 % off!!!!!!. Keep them for next years creating.


Patricia Knox said…
After 37 years of marriage, there has been too much love to celebrate on only one day. There is no need to reaffirm it. That happens daily in many ways, such as reaching out for your husband's hand with the knowledge that it will always be there.
Lin said…
Valentines' Day always gives me and my friends an opportunity to be sweet to one another. And that's important!
Logan said…
Gorgeous! I'd kill for just the truffle box alone!
Unknown said…
What i love about Valentine's is reminiscing about my school girl days of giving those silly valentines and boxes of candy hearts to everyone in my class. Of course now I am *much* more selective, but I like including folks on my list who least expect it...coworkers, neighbors. Who doesn't like a little "love" on valentine's day?
Yum!! I love Valentine's Day and your Blog!!! Thanks for the contest!! Best, Connie
Mélanie A. said…
Valentine's day in France is a little bit another thing. So what I like about this special day is to pu some " frou frou "on , to receive a beautiful bouquet and to go to a special romantic restaurant !
This is my valentine's day dream but some year it doesn't turn as I want ...
Pat de Verre said…
Bonjour from French Riviera.
What a lovely idea.
The most fabulous Valentine day I had was when my hubby and me were in Venice for Carnival 20years ago. But Valentine day is not always for us on the 14th.: it is everytime when we are togather in a gourmet restaurant or spending a magic moment to discuss in the garden at sunset or a walk on the beach or in the mountain surronding our charming house overseeing the Mediterraneean Sea.
Please enter my name in your hat, I would be so happy to win.
Noel Solomon said…
How Fun! Count me in!! Lynn~~ I got the prettiest invitation in the mail the other day. UH UH UHH!!!! Eeeeee! Pearly thick paper with pretty colors and fonts that says I'm invited to celebrate YOUR BIRTHDAY at the PALACE HOTEL! I'm jumping for joy & so excited to come up with Mom to see you. Email me the names for the goodies when you have a chance. :)
drub-b said…
I love the fact that I still love my husband of 25 years, and don't care if we go out or do anything on Valentines Day, wine and cheese at home is just as good. dru the give aways are gorgeous as always
Hi Lynn,
What a great giveaway, I certainly want my name entered please! The best thing about St. Valentine's Day to me are the memories of my dad. Every year since I was a teen and into my adult years, he would go by himself to Schurra's in San Jose to pick out the perfect box of candies for the four ladies in his life. He was always so happy to watch us unwrap them and say I picked this one out for you because .... Always puts a smile on my face & warm feeling in my heart!
Happy day,
FrenchBlue said…
Uh uh Uh! I want the pink champange truffles now not later!
My favorite Valentine sweets are conversation hearts! They have blue ones this year! I love them crunchy not soft and pink are my favorites~~~~

Love you!
the chocolate!! It's the day you can eat a ton of it and not feel so bad. :)

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com
What a fabulous giveaway...actually I just stumbled on it by chance, I am over checking out the hotel silver. I must have the gravy boat from Fort William Henry, that is in the area that I grew up in near Lake George NY. I think I'll let my Mr. Bunny know, it would be so perfect for Valentine's Day!
PS, I love everything about Valentine's Day because I have my sweet loved ones to share it with, tomorrow we are all baking heart sugar cookies.
Silver Cowgirl said…
Ahhh...Valentine's Day. I love picking out cards for my sweet husband. Hallmark creates the most expressive cards. If I tear up while reading one, I figure it's the right one for my honey. This year, I found THREE, already! I'm such a sappy girl.
Karen Eropkin said…
Nothing is better than making and giving homemade Valentine's cards. The give-away would be perfect to make the ultimate Valentines. And the chocolates, well, those would be me. I won't share!
what a lovely giveaway!
i love valentines day, but try to celebrate it every day! who couldn't use more love on a daily basis?! i enjoy giving small tokens of LOVE to my husband and two boys. It's just really enjoy the happiness of the day!
Katie said…
I always buy a red dress for Valentine's Day, and the boy and I get all dressed up and go somewhere fancy to eat. We don't really exchange gifts or cards; it's just a nice excuse to go out for some yummy food.
Shelley said…
I love that my hubby spoils me on Valentine's Day even though I always ask him not to.

Unknown said…
I love old vintage postcards, and vintage Valentines show the days of romance that are long past. I'd love to add some of these to my collection. Love Paris Hotel Boutique!
Unknown said…
what a lovely giveaway!
i will not enter because i have a beautiful box of Charbonnel chocolates here on my desk...and wouldn't want to take that opportunity from someone else.
i love any holiday that celebrates LOVE!
xoxo alison
I always do special things for my sweetheart but Valentine's Day is a day to go a little extra mile to show your love. It also gives me a really good reason to scatter rose petals and drink Pink Mimosa's. Love is in the air! Ooh la la!

Pink Mimosa's: equal parts Ruby Red grapefruit juice and champagne (dry is fine)La meilleure!
Jolie Adele said…
I love having an excuse to curl up and stay in. Valentine's Day is always another day to share our love, spend time together and enjoy eachother's company. I love love! Each and every day. It's also a great time to indulge in some delicious chocolate treats!
xoxo love,
Unknown said…
Valentines Day to me is flowers, more precisely roses!
I love the fragrance and the metamorphosis from bud to full open flower.
Not much can beat the thrill of receiving a beautiful bouquet of roses at work! Sadly, it is a fleeting thrill... they die so quickly despite ones best efforts, aspirin in the water, trimming stems under cool running water... accepting defeat and deciding to "dry" them to make potpourri out of later...
My darling husband began a tradition for me right after we were married 11 years ago. Instead of a lovely bouquet, he gives me a rose bush every year! I know have a lovely little garden that blooms over and over again! In all honesty, his idea probably came more from frugality than romance, but I love it just the same!
Merci madam!
J'adore Paris Hotel Boutique
Christi Owens
Anonymous said…
Valentines is my favorite! It reminds me of ruffley, frilly, pink&red, glitter, my favorite red heart cinnamon sugar cookies, love potion icecream and pink flowers everywhere! This year I can't get enough of it! My husbands 30 bday is also on the 15, so this year valentines is going to start on Friday and end on Monday! But everyday my husband is my St.Valentine! Mindi M
Jessica said…
I love that I will actually have a Valentine this year!

...And handmade Valentine Cards...something so sweet and simple.
farmgirlka said…
Every year when I was in school, my dad would deliver a flower and stuffed animal or balloon. It was the sweetest thing since he was a farmer and took the time to come to town. Since then he always mail's me a care package with sweets treats and game books or brain teaser's. No matter who is in my life, my dad is always my valentine.
decoratorlb said…
Valentine's Day is great because you can share your love and affection with all that inspire you.

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