Shopping Can Be Fun

A friend just sent me this fabulous video from The Vintage Mall Blog, called "Shopping Can Be Fun; A New Concept in Merchandising." It's of the Hillsdale Shopping Mall in San Mateo, California, and dated 1957. Great images of people and cars from the 50's. My, how things have changed. Love the music too! (Incidentally, this is now an indoor mall).


Berlin Deluxxe said…
Shopping can indeed be fun :)
yolanda said…
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swdesign said…
Thank you so much for sharing this treasure! I grew up a couple of blocks away from the Hillsdale Mall and this look at the past brought tears to my eyes. It's so sweet to reminisce. I had forgotten about the farmer's market, but knew it the instant I saw it in the video & I can just imagine my dad going to the "horseless carriage" parade. Thanks so much.
SWdesign: Funny, my high school years were in the Bay Area as well. Amazing how the Hillsdale Mall has changed! Do you remember the Woolworth's? That was "the place" to go!!
swdesign said…
I do remember Woolworth's. Their lunch counter had the best tuna melts! Funny, what memories stick :)

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