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I love how the blogosphere takes you on a journey of discoveries from around the globe. Yesterday I stumbled upon a new blog, Postcards from Seoul. Blogger Shana is based in Seoul, Korea, and is a Brand Manager for Diptyque, of one of the most sought after French candle lines. She has lived in New York, Seoul, San Francisco, Ann Arbor & Paris.

{One of my favorite scents...Diptyque's Feu De Bois Candle. This candle is a very sophisticated blend of rare woody essences. It evokes the characteristic fragrance of a real wood fire in a fire place.}

Shana, being in the fragrance world, shared one of her recent purchases of two Astier de Villatte candles (although Diptyque is still her favorite).

Astier de Villatte, the French tablewear company, launched a range of scented candles, soaps and colognes late last year. The candles have been on my "wish list" since I heard about them. Yes, I am a candle fanatic...although these are some of the priciest candles!

Honolulu is apparently one of their top sellers.

{Honolulu: Aloha sunshine: the opulent fragrance of white gardenia reveals its many facets through slightly acidic notes of California lemon and heady ylang-ylang essence. Vanilla adds to this voluptuous blend with a sweet touch of sunshine.}

Astier de Villatte Naples

A pastry bar? Now this sounds yummy to me...

{Naples: The tasty sensation os a slice of pastiera and an espressio at Scaturchio, the best pastry bar in Naples. Delicious almond, orange blossom and Ylang-ylang, lightened by a refreshing touch of petitgrain and neroli.}

Take me to Saint-Barth: Sweet Caramel Milkshake (I'll take three, please)

{White sand, scorching sun and a whiff of caramel-scented sun cream. Take me to Saint-Barth ! is the sweetest invitation, mingling the memory of bronzed skin with the tenderness of milkshake

While in Paris last year, Shana bought a perfume from the Memo Boutique. This quaint boutique is located in the Saint-Germain district of Paris. Shana had never heard of the fragrance line, but instantly fell in love with the collection. Well, thanks to Shana, I've visited their website and am aching to purchase some of their candles!

How about Paris Passion Blushing Peony?

{Paris is as pink as passion. A blushing peony sighs and sows its delicate scent in the streets at dawn. Its monuments are traced like a watermark: Paris plays hide-and-seek and steals a kiss.} And, with this candle, profits from sales are donated to the Paris tout p’tits association.

So thank you Shana, for now I've we've discovered your blog and all the goodies you have found during your travels. My friend is going to Paris next month (hint, hint..you know who you are), and she may have to make a trip to Astier de Villatte & Memo Boutique. Oh, and of course, Diptyque!


C. Anne said…
Fig was the very first Diptyque I bought as a little treat and I've stuck to it since. But Honolulu with sweet vanilla and a dollop of sunshine...ooh!
Shana said…
Wow, thank you so much for the mention! Next time I'm back in SF I will have to visit Paris Hotel Boutique in person. I actually switched jobs and am not managing Diptyque any longer, but will always have a soft spot for the brand. I'll still keep posting new great finds so come visit often (=

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