Glamour Dogs

Joan Collins with dyed pink poodle: photo credit: Slim Aarons

I chuckled when I saw these vintage photos of Joan Collins and Doris Day with their dyed poodles! We adorn our dogs more than ever now with fancy clothes and jewelry. Well... some do.

Doris Day and her Poodles, Paris, 1950, photo credit: John Florea

This is my toy poodle, Vito. How do you think he would look dyed? I don't think he'd be a happy camper.

If you want to see some great dog glamour shots, Catherine Ledner's book, "Glamour Dogs" is due out his week and I can't wait to see it. Ledner is a California-based photographer who has a love for animals. "Catherine Ledner brilliantly captures these doggie doyenes in all their glamorous glory as they strut their stuff on the catwalk, recline on sumptuous furniture and pose on the latest of floor and wall fashions." -Chronicle Books.

Your can purchase Glamour Dogs here. You can also purchase Catherine's whimsical animal prints on her website here.

Woof Woof!

Glamour Dogs book cover image from Chronicle books


Vito is super cute!!! Love this pic of him! I think you should keep him just the way he is! Don't want anyone to mistake him for some cotton candy!
AuroraSuzette said…
I don't know..those poodles with Doris Day look pretty darn happy to me! I'm only kidding, keep Vito just as he is!
Anonymous said…
Candy colored pups are always fun to look at :)
Lisa & Alfie said…
You're right. Vito would kill you. Alfie would never let me get by with that!
But what fantastic photos!
Lisa & Alfie
Wow! That Doris Day photo is fabulous. The book sounds like it will be great! I don't know if I would put the bulldog on the tufted sofa though, he looks too happy!!!!
Unknown said…
Vito is wonderful just as he his- so cute. But I have to admit I loved the pink poodle pic!
Vito looks adorable as is.....maybe you could ask him if he wants a colour job though. Maybe they love it!
Anonymous said…
The photo of Doris Day is from the movie "April in Paris." I doubt that Miss Day, herself, had poodles at that time nor would she have dyed them.
Vito is darling just the way he is. But LUV those colored poodles w/Doris day :)
Anonymous said…
Lynn, those poodles reminded me of an old post I wrote., I don't think Vito would approve.
DagazDesigns said…
Hey, I am looking for a poster that is similar to the doris day one you have and wondered if you have come across it. It is titled "The glamour of the past, the wave of the future"
It features a woman in a pink dress surrounded by coloured poodles on a chequered floor...any ideas?
As a poodle owner too, i would love to get the image some how.
Thank you

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