Is This a Compliment??

I received this email (below) and thought I'd share it. Hmmm...

"I saw your living room on the cover of the magazine. What happen to the beautiful yellow sofa and that coffee table you had cut the legs off? I think that room was much prettier the other way. As a matter of fact, I think that was the best room in a magazine I have ever seen. Thanks."


Magdalena said…
Ha thats a riot, I would take it as a compliment!! both are stunning
Love it! Both photos are great -- my fave is the newer one. You can't lose. I vote it's a definite compliment! :)

That is pretty funny. Both photos are gorgeous and your chairs - ooh so divine!
Salon de Sucre said…
PPl have different tastes & different styles.. I'd say she prefered the older photo , but she did mean a compliment!

I adore your living room.. both styles suit me .. !!
prize said…
lynn, i think you should cut the legs off all tables...:-) you trendsetter you!
Cottage Rose said…
Love it,,, and I can see why she said that,, I loved both rooms... and a wonder compliment...

Both rooms are spectacular.....different looks,a different time. Not to mention, we should change it up now and again.
Your were the one with two you are way above the comment. Though possibly she thought she was being asked her opinion and just prefered the older one?
Thanks Sande. No, only the Romantic Homes was the cover.

Actually I am a bit sarcastic and like poking fun at myself, so I thought the comment was kind of funny. I hadn't asked an opinion...just received the email out of the blue and don't know the person. :) Lynn
Denise Kiggan said…
I liked the first for then and the second one is lovely for now!
Anonymous said…
I'd say it's a tremendous compliment that the reader remembered, and saved the original magazine and paid that much attention to the details! I love the new look, it shows that your tastes evolve while staying true to your love of glamour. Plus the fact that you have been seen as a trendsetter by a national publication many times. Congrats!!! Karen
First of all, for a person to go to the trouble to find you and contact you must reveal some sort of admiration, and I can see why. You are definitely talented and have a special gift. Our styles and tastes can change without moment's notice to the chagrin of those who loved our "older" style.
I imagine that if this person loved your older style, she will soon evolve and perhaps eventually appreciate your new look (of course, you may have changed once again by then;)

I love Romantic Homes and have been subscribing to this magazine for years. I just love the article and pictures of your home. Bravo to you and Janet for a lovely piece.
You all are too kind. Thanks so much for your kind words. When I posted this, I wasn't looking for praise, merely finding the humor in the tone of this person's email, "I think that room was much prettier the other way."

Having said that, I agree, this person did mean it as a compliment, and I'm flattered that she even remembered the old magazine story.

Thanks all for your comments!
:) Lynn
AuroraSuzette said…
Of course it's a compliment..I completely echo those who remark that she remembered the earlier room, and that very fact is terrific. I like both rooms, and really liked the recent photos of your bath as well; that you kept the original tile.
Anonymous said…
Just reading, "Romantic Homes" last night. I was going to go through magazines and look for the older article. At least, now I know where to look! Do remember your beautiful home and of course, the silver. Joyce in TX.
Joyce, thank you for remembering the article. I'm very flattered! So many years ago, yet things look about the same, right? Take care, Lynn

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