What do you CRAVE?

I just purchased the latest issue of "CRAVE San Francisco." CRAVE guidebooks celebrate stylish entrepreneurs by showcasing the most creative and interesting proprietors from cities all over the world. They are awesome. So fun to see some of my friends shops so beautifully showcased!

I love the fact that CRAVE focuses on local businesses, no chains. You'll find everything from top boutiques, cafes, spas and more. CRAVE showcases the dedicated women behind these enterprises.

Also, just released this Fall are guides from Portland, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, Boston and Toronto.

These make great gifts as well! To find out where to purchase, visit CRAVE's website here.

photos from CRAVE


Those books are a brilliant idea, especially for tourists from the U.K....that's me !!!! XXXX
Di Overton said…
What a brilliant idea.
Lisa & Alfie said…
Hey, where did you find that book?lol
Lisa & Alfie

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