Pamper Yourself This Weekend!

How about a relaxing day at the Polished Beauty Lounge in Atlanta? I realize that most of you are scattered around the globe, and I'm in California, but wouldn't it be fun to all meet up here for a mani and pedi?

Their "Sugar Treat" manicure sounds includes your choice of dipped strawberries or white chocolate sugar soak, a chocolate Grand Marnier souffle exfoliating scrub, followed by an incredible moisturizing massage with Bavarian cream whipped body frosting.

Sounds fun to me! Enjoy your weekend!!


Everything, from the location, to the soaks, to the meeting up part.....all sounds so yummy! What a fabulous design concept.
Unknown said…
wow -being pampered and looking at that room would be a double treat -cool..

I'm saving this delicious treat and will head there the next time I visit my family in GA!
vicki archer said…
I wish we could...blogger chat over the spa bar, perfection. Have a wonderful weekend, xv.
OMG! After Round Top Antiques week this sounds like heaven!!!!!!It's gorgeous!!!!
London Calling said…
Just say when and I'll be there.
melissa davis said…
How cute is that place??! I would TOTALLY make a pedicure date with you if we could!! xx

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