Look! They're Dancing!


Another fun find from Hollister Hovey's blog. Sorry Hollister, you just keep posting great stuff! This phenakistoscope gif animation was found at Morbid Anatomy.

What is a phenakistoscope?
It was an early animation device, the predecessor of the zoetrope, invented in 1832 by by Joseph Plateau of Belgium. Plateau devoted his life to the study of optics, the science of light and vision.

Images on a disc when spun gives the illusion of couples dancing. I love this!!

Here is an antique style phenakistoscope found here.

How about these boxers?

Animated images from Hollister Hovey, Morbid Anatomy & Wikipedia


Aren't they brilliant... I've seen them in a few museums, here in the U.K.... they were obviously the real thing but I have seen the reproductions....really good fun. XXXX
vicki archer said…
Cute stuff....xv
FrenchBlue said…
Very very very cool coolest one of all~
Debra Healy said…
Marvelous fun.
Anonymous said…
How fun is this? And the art is nostalgically amusing!

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