Do You Think I Have a Shopping Problem?

Yesterday I woke up at 4:30 am to attend our monthly outdoor antiques faire. Thank heavens my friend Renee drove (thanks Renee), as we had to take a loooong route because the Bay Bridge was closed. A boat would have been much easier.

After 6 hours of sprinting walking and hunting for treasures with not too many finds, extreme sweating from hauling furniture, we decided to stop by a local auction house to use their clean bathroom. The antique faire has outhouses, which are okay in the early am, but as the day progresses, well... The next thing I knew, I had a paddle in my hand and was bidding on this Victorian agate seal ring. Gosh did I want this ring. Needless to say, I was half comatosed and ended up losing to an online bidder. I'm still mad about not bidding higher.

Wasn't 6 hours of antiquing enough for me? I sadly turned in my paddle, and off we went. I know my job is to buy things to resell, but when is enough enough? Such is the life of an antiques dealer...enjoy the rest of your weekend!


I hear you! I order even more ribbon today. Sorry about losing the ring.....maybe a better one ahead?
PRIZE said…
hi lynn,
loved the story...i can totally picture you with paddle in hand...that ring was amazing!
The ring was not destined for you. Did you buy anything else ? You didn't say.It is so annoying when you really want something and you just miss has happened to me a lot on Ebay. XXXX
Jacqueline, thanks. No, just bid on the ring and left. We had just popped by to use the restroom and then I saw that RING! Will be posting the antique faire finds soon! xo Lynn
Anonymous said…
awww that is too bad! That ring is so unique, I rarely see ones that flip open like that. It's too bad that they included online bidders as well...which auction house was this?
Gem Gossip: sick part...I didn't know it opened up until I found it online...ugh! Michaan's Auctions house here in No Cal.
Unknown said…
i love it - you are passionate about antiques, and that's why you have such an amazing business!
Anonymous said…
Oh yes, I can see why the paddle was a must! It's a very cool ring. Once again, great eye Miss Lynn!!! Hope you found other goodies at the fair. Off to Brimfield, I'll check in when I'm back. Best, Karen
Anonymous said…
Hi Lynn
Can you tell us the location of this monthly antiques faire?
Anon: The antiques faire is called "Antiques By the Bay" and it is in Alameda, California (Northern Calif). It is held the first Sunday of every month and there are approx. 700 vendors!
Trouvais said…
Hi Lynn. Sorry about the ring (know the feeling). Forced myself to NOT go to the flea this Sunday...can't wait to see what you got. I imagine those antique shoes on Artfact are going to go pretty to look though. Trish
Hi Lynn,
Your auction story sounds all too familiar! I sat through many auctions to come out empty handed, which is why I don't attend them. But one auction in particular had a tole sconce with red and pink roses and 2 blue birds. I went. I waited & waited....I was NOT leaving without that sconce!! I paid a small kingdom for it. But I won the final bid!! Whew!
Lisa & Alfie said…
So you made it out there huh? Slim pickins don't you think?
Lisa & Alfie
Mélanie said…
When I " loose " an auction I tell myself : " it was not for you" . It is the only way I can feel a little better. THIS ring was gorgeous

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