What do you think of Twitter?

I thought I'd keep up with the social networking world, and recently joined Twitter. I'm slowly learning how to "Tweet," and all of the lingo that goes with it, such at RT's and Follow Fridays. I must say, it's a bit confusing at first, and there are so many tweets to read through. In fact, it's a bit annoying when there are so many tweets from one person that it takes over your Twitter page, and possibly, some posts you want to read, fall through the cracks. And then you can't "unfollow" a person without offending the person! What to do?

I'm wondering if any of you are on Twitter? If so, what do you think about it? Have you gained any useful info, or is it just too much information?

The jury's still out, but I think I prefer blogging and Facebook to Twitter. There are so many social networking sites that it's a bit overwhelming.


Unknown said…
Welcome to Twitsville :-) I very much enjoy it. It's a great way to engage with people with similar interests etc and also a great way to adversrise your blog :-)
Like you, I'm still figuring it out -- and trying to decide if it is a necessary addition to my existing Facebook page(s). (Is Facebook even "necessary"?) :)

I began on Twitter last Spring, couldn't get the hang of it and felt way too pressured to "tweet" even when I had nothing to tweet about. (I did a blog post or two on this late last Spring) and I finally gave it up.

But (she says, sheepishly) I am back on Twitter but with a much more casual outlook. I'm there to follow those I'm interested in (you, included) and check in a few times a day. I consider it one more way to keep my finger on the pulse of what's going on out there -- in addition to the blogs I follow & the folks I follow on Facebook.

I can tell you, for me anyway, this time around being a lot less worried about Tweeting and just being a follower for the most part, it's a much better Twitter experience.

I'm not promoting my Twitter page on my blog or Facebook or my webstore, so I don't feel pressured to have something to say all day long. There is NO way I could keep that up. So for me, Twitter is the one place I can go to just absorb if I want -- and tweet if I feel like it.

I already offered to be on Skype for "instant product help" or a quick chat, I've got 3 Facebook pages, a blog and my webstore... plenty, I'd say. :)

And, when time is short, I just reproduce the same thing on blogger, twitter and facebook -- all your bases are covered, and not everyone is on each network anyway.

I'll listen to your tweets as long as you're tweeting -- just remember, NO PRESSURE!! :)

I already follow you on Twitter. :)

The different social networks certainly work for different purposes. Twitter certainly increases brand exposure more quickly, but in a random way and with possibly irrelevant consumers following. But I think the breadth and reach of Twitter searches and instant status updates makes for a compelling use case. That and it's quick and fun to peer into what people are doing.
Unknown said…
I ma on twitter but I have to admit I do not get it! Have not found it useful yet. Also on facebook and have reconnected to high school classmates, which has been fun. Nothing like blogging!

Cyn said…
It may be good for your business so why not, but it's not for me. Too much noise. Blogger and Facebook are more than enough social networking for an introvert like me. I have a lot of fun on FB and Blogger, but it's hard enough keeping up with them, in addition to full time work. To each their own, eh?
Love, Cyn
Ali said…
I love twitter!!!! In fact, I am neglecting both facebook and my blog for it!! @aliholden is my name on there
I've been trying to figure it all out myself, haven't quite "gotten" it yet. There are so many people to stay on top of, so much inevitably falls through the cracks!
vicki archer said…
Hello Lynn, I don't twitter and am feeling like I should but wonder where I would find the time. So the answer is I don't have an answer for you....Sorry I guess I am just a real twit :) xv
I came across your blog via Katiedid. I noticed the twitter question. I enjoy twitter. I literally had to ask want all the acronyms were as I was clueless. I have learned to follow those that I would really like to. I agree that some can fill up you page just to keep their name out there it seems and thats ok if your wanting to wade though all that. I check my @pgracedesigns section a lot now as folks I follow and support, follow and support me though that method. However, sometimes I come across something or someone new that is a gem and I wouldn't have if not for twitter. I'm going to post of twitter friends that have lovely products that I would likely never have known about. Hope that helps (sorry to be so long winded :)
I'm on twitter but I've been a bad tweeter lately since school's started up. I'm having the same problem as you with spammy type posts. I've met so many nice people through twitter though, I'm glad for the experience.
I, too, feel a little intimidated by Twitter. I have yet to begin to "Tweet" as I feel that I don't want my entire life consumed with be connected electronically. I think blogging and Facebook will suffice for me as I would like to allow myself the liberty and time to talk with people in person...
Of course, a few years ago, I would have never imagined blogging...
Whatever you do, I hope you find true happiness from it.
So far I'm loving twitter but we'll see. Tweet me at BooksFashionSea if you feel like it!
Anonymous said…
Good question, Lynn. I think it's an incredible tool that gets misused. It's like a giant conversation where everyone talks at once, and some people just keep talking and talking and talking all over your page!
I always un-follow someone if they over do it. once a day is enough to hear from anyone!
Thanks you gals for all of your comments. There are some great points brought up by all of you. I really enjoyed reading through them!

Ruth: I also agree, is it necessary if we also have a Facebook page? Also, I am taking the same attitude as you and not feeling pressure to Tweet unless I'm in the mood. I hear you...between Facebook, blogging, a website and Twitter, it's way too much!

Chicncheap: "Twitter certainly increases brand exposure more quickly, but in a random way and with possibly irrelevant consumers following."Great point. I also agree about the status updates being valuable.

Brayton: Karen, couldn't agree more about Facebook. For me it's been a lot of fun connecting with old friends and even family that I don't talk with often.

Cyn & Mandy: I am still trying to figure out if it's good for business. Blogger & Facebook are a lot as it is!

Ali: Okay, we need to follow you!

Erin: That's exactly what I mean...falling through the cracks!

Vicki: You Twit! lol

Paula & Hirondelle: Thanks for visiting my blog! The wading through Twitter is rough for sure, but as you said, you can find a lot of people to follow and support, as well as, new and interesting products.

Cashmere: Okay, we need to follow you!

Claudia: You go girl! I'm am off to un-follow those talkers! lol..
I'm with Vicki, I don't know where I'd find the time especially running a shop, and just coming up to our busy season....Just keeping up with all the blogs I like is something of a challenge. I think I'd like to do one thing right instead of three things that I may not have the time for...I admire the people that do...
Tiffani said…
ACCIDENTAL Chic is on Twitter. At first it was a bit overwhelming and I felt that I needed to tweet my every last move like some people do. I almost gave up and deleted it however I took a week off and then got back. Now I tweet only when I have usually information, not so much personal unless is fashion related.

I have found Twitter useful for following bloggers in fashion, beauty and design. It keeps me updated on the latest and new ideas.

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