I Had a Face Lift

Well, not exactly, but my blog did. After a couple of years with the same layout, it was time for a change. Thanks to fellow blogger Susannah (Petunia-Faced Girl), who recommended Ellie at Rainy Day Templates.

An example of one of Ellie's templates...

Ellie specializes in uniquely-styled, pre-designed templates for the Blogger platform (for which I may add, she is an expert). This girl can do everything! She has a keen eye and her templates can be purchased as they are, or made over in any colors you'd like. She also offers extra bells & whistles to add those fancy little gizmos we love. SO, rather than me going on about Ellie, go take a look for yourself at her website here. You'll see what I mean.

And, may I add that she is an absolute delight to work with, her costs are extremely reasonable, and her turnaround time is speedy & fantastic! Thanks Ellie!

template photo: Rainy Day Templates


Ellie said…
Oh, thank you so much, Lynn! My pleasure. I really appreciate how available and enthusiastic you were for the process, and how receptive to my ideas. Enjoy your new digs! =)
Stephanie said…
It looks really nice!
Parker Jones said…
Wow ... Lynn. It looks wonderful ! I need to call this girl. ( And then get back to posting again ! )
a. said…
Very nice!
FrenchBlue said…
Very very pretty & elegant!
Unknown said…
so beautiful and professional looking! i love it!!
that's the most painless facelift you can get!
Lynn.... EVERYTHING looks fabulous!

I'm jealous! Looks so fresh and elegant and definitely has that "glam" edge to it!

Good going!! And by the way, your picture is beautiful!!!

Absolutely gorgeous. Tres chic!
Love your new 'face'! It is beautiful and so easy to navigate! Very classy!
Looking good...up to date and profesional...like you.
Makes mine look so simple and basic.Might have to do something about that. XXXX
Thanks you all. Just the work of Ellie.

Jacqueline, it's still the content that makes the blog, not the design, so yours is lovely!!
Unknown said…
Love the new look, it is so clean and stylish. Bravo! Dd
Unknown said…
great look- very elegant!
Cottage Rose said…
Hi Lynn; Love your back ground, she did a wonderful job on it... will go pay her a visit.... have a great day.

DolceDreams said…
It looks great, very elegant and chic! What a title to catch the eye I might add...
Unknown said…
Hi Lynn! The blog looks gorgeous! I love all of the fantastic things you have been doing lately and this is no exception. You have been on it! :) You are such an inspiration to me and everytime I visit your blog, website, of FB page, I always get that inpiration from you! Fantastic!
Lovely fresh new look.
Soooooo Chic!Ellie is very talented, Looks just like a magazine cover. and I love the sparkle in the chandelier!!!
melissa davis said…
LOVELY!! But I would expect no less from your blog Lynn... xx
Di Overton said…
looks fabulous and very you.

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