Curator, Please!

Want to see your loved ones on display in an art museum? Check out this fun site, Dumpr. Pick your favorite photos and download them in 'museum art.' Walla! Instant stardom. They also have a lot of other formats to play with.

Little Vito loves his new fame!


This is very cool!
Really, really cute! Vito is quite the star of the show!

Will you post the link?
How fun! I am loving your new cute photo of you and the update on your blog. Gorgeous!!

Fabulous Finds Gal
Unknown said…
how fab- thanks for the link...

Aww Vito is so cute!

I wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Your blog is fabulous and I always look forward to reading it!
Thanks to Hirondelle Rustique, i stumbled upon your blog and love it.I guess I am a newcomer
What a fabulous idea I wonder how my two mutts would look on a gallery wall...
Thank you all! Francine, thrilled that you found my blog. TY!
vicki archer said…
How fun...I will try that, xv.
Hirondelle, big thanks for the blog award! So sweet of you!! Lynn

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