Have you seen these?

You may never have to get dressed again! If you have a home-based job as I do, sometimes you spend an entire day at the computer working in your jammies. Not exactly stylish, but comfy. But, what if you need to actually leave your house to go to the store? What a concept. Well, check out the "PajamaJean" here. Look like jeans, but stretchy and soft.

I don't know about you, but these don't look too comfortable to wear to bed. A little tight perhaps? I prefer lightweight cotton that breathes. Is that TMI? (too much information). And, I think it's still nice to change your clothes, don't you?

Would you wear pajama jeans???

photo credit PajamaJeans


I usually spend all day working in my pjs so these are preeeetty tempting! ha! But I think I'll stick with real jeans if I have to run to the store!
I couldn't believe it when I saw the commercial for these "jeans". I had to laugh to myself and thought people will soon be wearing pajama jeans with the Snuggie out everywhere. I would rather wear my pajamas around town (I've seen people do it once in a while while walking their dogs very early in the morning here... really!).
I have to say I wouldn't wear them, but they would have been perfect wear to the Drive-In when I was a kid!
I'd have to see em they look nice on her...Are they like sweatshirt fabric???? Or Denim? Hmmmmm.Maybe.
Barb said…
I've never seen these. Very interesting. I would wear them around the house for sure.
Caroline said…
I spend alot of my days working from home. These sound interesting. Very tempting.
La Dolfina said…
Let's just say, I'm intrigued!
How about you?
Dear Lynn,
As much as I like to be comfy at home, I don't think that I will be wearing these. I don't really know why I say that...they just don't appeal to me !! XXXX
Jo Bryan said…
I am another worker at the PC and often get dressed late, usually because somone has knocked and I feel ashamed to answer the door.
So I would wear htese in the day at home, and I wouldnt wear at night in bed.

In Britain a supermarket Tescos has just banned people from wearing Pjs to go shopping as its becoming a problem apparently.
Cashon&Co said…
okay, these are too cool. what a concept! one of those "why didn't i think of this" moments...i'm gonna check it out.

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