Fiona Richards' Latest Collection~ Tres Fabu!

You may have read an earlier post of mine about Fiona Richards, the talent behind Cartolina Cards. I was thrilled to receive a package from Fiona...a complete set of her latest line of cards & journals! Many with a French theme.

Cartolina is one of my favorite lines. I have a large stash in my drawer ready for any occasion. This new line is amazing! The designs feature centuries old block prints and antique cartouches.

Love these notebooks...

And a new line of small pocket mirrors. Great gift items. All vintage-inspired!

You can purchase Cartolina items online here at Modern Paper Goods. They are also available at these retailers.

And thanks Fiona for my wonderful goodies!!!

photos from here


So gorgeous and the pads are simply lovely and so giftable. Will check it out and that trip will certainly cost me......can't resist these. Much love XO
Painted Preppy said…
Love the vintage cards!
Mélanie A. said…
Love the vintage look of these cards
Fiona Cartolina said…
Thank you so much for featuring my cards. As I've said before, I don't design cards for the masses - I design cards for people with good taste - like you.
You are a gem,
Can you say OOOH LA LA!!!
These items are delish!!!
Mystica said…
So gorgeous - what a beautiful thing to receive.
Unknown said…
yes, those cards are fab! love the vintage inspired collage look. going to check it out...

Cashon&Co said…
ooh oooh ooh. these are beautiful. leave it to you to find the neatest things. i swear. you have that eye. i am in love with all your latest goodies in your store too and the way they are displayed and photographed are just pure eye candy.

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