Wanna Join Me?

As you may have noticed, I've been having a grand old time with my latest obsession, Pinterest.

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site that allows you to make ‘boards’ under any theme of your choosing and add to that board by linking images from anywhere on the internet!

I have always loved organizing things -- although I wish I could apply that organization to my housework. Pinterest lets you save any photo you come across on the web by just pressing a "Pin It" button and walla!

These are some random photos I've stumbled upon and added them to my "Think Pink" board.

My "Think Pink" Board

What more can I say? This is such a great way to organize your favorite things/photos all in one place.

Currently Pinterest is by invite only. I have some invites left, so if you'd like to join me, please leave a comment (email included...I'll need that to invite you). I promise you'll get hooked! I'm working on getting more invites so don't hesitate to ask...

Pinterest credits: pelicans; vintagerosegarden.tumblr.com, chandelier; tumblr.com, dresses; heygorg.com, striped umbrella; matissecolor.blogspot.com, swimsuit; designismine.blogspot.com, woman in pink skirt; sayyestohoboken.com. {This is not to say that these are the original photographers. Many have been "re-pinned" from other sites.}


Meg Mitchell said…
I haven't heard of Pinterest but what a great idea and looks like a lot of fun as well.
Hi everyone! I need your email addresses to invite you. Thanks!
Cassi said…
oh please let me join. cmheyn@gmail.com
edina said…
What a great idea for a website! If you have any left, I'd love an invite. Thanks!


Me, pretty pink please?!


Merci, Lynn!
Unknown said…
would love to join! xix19@ucla.edu
Year Zero said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Count me in Lynn if any room left. A lovely way to organize our visuals. Much love XO
Oh! Beautiful pink images! Love them! And I love organizing! If you'd be so kind, I'd love an invite! jenifleur.de.lis@gmail.com.
soozeedoozee said…
oh pretty please send an invite


the pink board is right up my alley!
Andi said…
I love, love, love that bathing suit!
Love your pinkboard!
would love to try Pinterest :D

Regards Grete
Hope I am not to late to be invited...looks like so much fun I want to join!!!

First, I adore your blog! Second, I would love an invitation to Pinterest.

Warm regards,
gerre lynne
email: gerrelynne@gmail.com
Thea said…
is it too late to join? what a great idea - pls add me too: thea@coyle-inspect.com
Many thanks!!(I love your blog and your webshop)
What fun! Just the other day I was wondering how I could quick and easy make inspiration boards.... if you've got an extra spot left I'd love the opportunity.

Thanks, Lynn!


xandra [at] xyzink.com
wow this exactly what i need to organize my photos! im constantly creating new folders on my computer, but this would be sooo much easier! if you have an invite left, id really appreciate one =)

I love your beautiful pink photo's and would love to be able to do this!



Wow - please invite me!
Anonymous said…
oooohhhhh can I have one L:-) sean@royalapothic.com
Nita Stacy said…
I have to tell you this set of photographs just sent me over the moon. From the fluffy headed flamingos to the pink knife pleated skirts to the striped umbrella. Love love love this group of images.
Kristine said…
If you still have invitations available, I would love one. kkhersh@gmail.com
Anonymous said…
If you still have any invites i would love one

Unknown said…
Oh I would love an invite. I have so much images on my computer that I find inspiring and they take too much space and are all over the place, it would be amazing to organize them on the internet itself!


thank you

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